The legitimate state: The facts of fraud under which Americans are being tricked and defrauded

On Dec 29, 2016, at 12:46 PM, Anna von Reitz  wrote:

I wish it were that simple. But as you can see, while I have placed many such records and orders in the public domain, and even written books in the effort to educate people about the proper structure and functioning of their government, and while we have been at pains to train and re-train federal marshals and sheriffs, and to elect new people to the land jurisdiction offices, a great many people have to be made aware of the facts and the actual authorities involved and we have to overcome generations of ignorance and false assumptions and the not to be underestimated influence of the treasonous Bar Association and its members.

That’s a tall order for one old woman in Alaska. I fear I require a lot of help.

As a Federal Postal Court Judge I can go in and establish an order regarding the circumstance and recognizing that at this point both the UNITED STATES, INC. and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. are rogue organizations and that they and their agencies are on Notice of the facts, etc., etc., etc., —– but here’s the thing, Arnie—- the UNITED STATES, INC. is under liquidation and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. is under bankruptcy reorganization which will most likely turn into liquidation.

These “entities” are already gone in practical terms.

What we are left with are their bankruptcy trustees—-the French Government and Queen Elizabeth II, respectively—-the same parties who are responsible for this entire deplorable circumstance simply wearing different hats. And the perps now wearing their Trustee hats will nod sagely and agree with us, oh, yes, the UNITED STATES was very, very naughty and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was worse, oh, yes, we agree!

So they will fold up their storefronts and consign them to the fire with a wink and a nod.

And they will paint a new store front and organize a new ball team and keep right on playing the same old game until we all wise up and put a stop to it.

You’ve got what I call Le Neu Republique being reorganized by the usual Bad Actors and funded by Jacob Rothschild aka FRANCE representing the French interests and you have The United States of America (as opposed to “the” United States of America) representing the British Crown interests.

You see? Like snakes, they shed their skins, adopt new roles in the play, and propose to go right on with business as usual, having left behind their old guilty corporate “personas” and now pretending to be brand new organizations.

And the moment that they get caught again, they will do the same thing—-run to bankruptcy court for protection, having off-loaded their real assets to agency subcontractors in preparation for this maneuver—-adopt a new name for the old players, and keep right on ticking. They have been doing this repeatedly since 1863 and getting away with it, so there is no reason to think they will stop now.

The only thing that CAN put an end to this nonsense and which will put an end to the illegal commercial “war” that these foreign interests have maintained as a war for profit on our soil is the awakening of millions of Americans. Millions of people have to be taught the difference between cow dung and shinola and here we are, Arnie, two Old Timers with a mindlessly big teaching assignment.

Like many other people you seem to think that a Judge can just wave their hand and make things right and maybe you even think that I am not doing my job, but the truth of the matter is that the “law” people live under is their own choice and the judges in any system of law are only spokesmen who speak the law for those people. The word jurisdiction means speaking the law.

Without knowing it, millions upon millions of Americans are now “presumed” to have adopted the foreign federal “citizenship” which means that they are “presumed” to have agreed to live in a democracy instead of a republic, and to function as “citizens” and serve the foreign government corporations instead of being served by these same corporations. It’s an outrageous self-interested lie, but it is what these scumbags have done.

And along with it, they have also created the “presumption” that all these “citizens” are subject to the international law of the sea and are not owed the American Common Law nor the protections of the actual Constitution.

When I occupy my office as an Alaska State Superior Court Justice, I can only speak the Law of the Land in the land that is Alaska. When I occupy my office as a Federal Postal Court Judge, I can only speak the Law of the Land in international jurisdiction. And I can only speak for those relatively few people who have retained, regained, and reasserted their ownership of their own names and estates and who have “returned” to the land jurisdiction they are heir to and reclaimed their proper political status as American state nationals.

So I can tell the truth and I can issue the orders, but those orders don’t have the affect you expect and desire, because the population of people they apply to is maybe one in ten thousand and they are “in reverse”. As a land jurisdiction judge I have no power to interfere with the federal corporations, just as they have no power to interfere with me. Their powers were delegated to them by the people and until the people see fit to get organized and alter these arrangements either by peaceable assembly and correction of this mess (which I encourage) or by outright rebellion (which I do not encourage) these Bounders and Pirates continue preying upon us.

Thus, if you so choose to rebut all the legal presumptions and refuse to play their game, I can speak the law for Arnie Rosner, but I can’t speak the law for Joe Blow” US citizen” down the street. I can enforce the actual Constitution for Arnie Rosner, but if Joe Blow “citizen” thinks he is going to be a “US citizen” and still claim those same protections, he is sadly is taken.

At most, he can claim “equal civil rights”—– and those “rights” are privileges that can be taken away by Congress at any time.

And unfortunately, millions upon millions of Americans have been led like lambs to slaughter into being “tagged and labeled” as either “US Citizens” (subject to the British) or “citizens of the United States” (subject to the French), when in fact they are neither and are blissfully unaware that they have been “seized upon” and “mischaracterized” and suffered “personage” —- a form of genocide on paper.

So there is the situation, Arnie. The corporations that have done the harm have slipped through the back door of the bankruptcy courts and are in the process of re-coagulating like the monsters in science fiction movies. I can’t free your friend Thomas Deegan and the many other political prisoners rotting in “federal” jails because they were wearing the “US citizen” label when they were captured. And even if they had reclaimed their names and estates and their proper status as American state nationals prior to their altercations with the Feds, I would need a savvy and motivated county sheriff to enforce my order to go retrieve them from the Federales.

And there we come to another two-block in the scenario you propose. All the dumb counties in this country have at the very least set up incorporated offices for themselves. As a result, they are functioning under the Law of the Sea as franchises of the federal government parent corporation and their sheriffs and judges are being paid to enforce private statutes, regulations, and codes instead of being paid to enforce the Law of the Land— the public law, the organic law, and the actual Constitution.

Thanks to Richard Mack and his buddy Prinz asking the question in Mack and Prinz v. USA we have the Supreme Court’s determination that a county sheriff can enforce the public law (in addition to all his actual assigned duties) if he chooses to do so. That amounts to—- yeah, you can do the right thing, if you want to, but your actual job description doesn’t require it.

So from our position we are obliged to beg our employees to do their actual jobs that we hired them to do, because behind our backs and without our knowledge, they went to work for subcontractors who are also supposed to be working for us, but who are mis-directing the whole operation to line their own pockets.

It goes like this— we hire the federales to do certain delegated tasks in the international jurisdiction of the sea, the federales bait the states and then the counties with “federal revenue sharing”—- that is, kickback from racketeering, to incorporate their operations as franchises of the federal corporation, and then the federal corporation bosses these “federated states and counties” around as subsidiaries, and there is nobody left minding the store and nobody tells us these facts.

Now, the moment these counties and “states of states” incorporate and leave the jurisdiction of the land they no longer have any right to say jack diddly to you or me. They don’t work for us anymore. They are part of the foreign and international jurisdiction of the sea operating under the control of the foreign governmental services corporations responsible for this mess as franchises. But here’s the rub—-they keep their paws on our money and charge our public treasury for their “services” under contract and they pretend that this is right as rain.

They want it both ways. They want to charge us for providing us with services, but they want to work for and do the bidding of foreign powers, because they want their share of the federal racketeering kickbacks known as “federal revenue sharing”.

We need to fire them all and seize back our property and control, but that is difficult to do via the mechanism of millions of still asleep, ignorant, zombie-like people who have been deeply indoctrinated and lied to all their lives by the same parties who are benefiting from this scheme and who— as a result of this false indoctrination— immediately leap to wrong conclusions and make false assumptions.

They routinely mistake the Good Guys for the Bad Guys. And vice versa. And they go bumbling about causing trouble for themselves and for others, all to no good affect. They get “mad as Hell” but that doesn’t change anything. They get frustrated and they rant, but that doesn’t help, either.

Finally, a few of them learn how to stop paying federal income taxes and how to get some of their own back, and that has an impact, but isn’t sufficient, and the rats just turn around and propose a “National Sales Tax”  (when, by the way, we have fifty nations) and use the “federated states of states” to impose it.

As an arrogant British judge operating an admiralty court on the soil of California told a recent victim, “as long as you are residing in the State of California you are under my jurisdiction”. What he should have replied was, “I am a native Californian living in the California State and I am not under your jurisdiction nor am I “residing” anywhere in my own country.”

And he should have had a certified copy of his recorded “Act of Expatriation” to the soil of California and land jurisdiction of the California state and claimed political status as a native Californian and natural born member of the California State Jural Assembly in his back pocket ready to shove in her face.

That’s the kind of knowledge and action that is required to fix this situation — permanently. When enough people get their bearings and realize what has been done to them and stand up on their hind legs, there isn’t anything the vermin can do but scatter. Until then, we have to organize and educate and educate some more.

And feel free to publish this in hopes that a few more people hear the news.

On Thu, Dec 29, 2016 at 6:20 AM, Arnie Rosner  wrote:

Dear Judge,
Thank you for making the statement of facts on this matter. Essentially these facts are a natural extension of the affidavit of truth published on the public record in the form of an easily accessible book of truth published on Amazon.

I have personally had your affidavit served to many public officials including some in Fountain Valley. I too completely agree that the American people have had no legitimate government since the 1860’s. I have consistently and have public stated the same case for some time.

And may I add the thoughts of another patriot who has expressed a very similar view:

And another American addresses the same issue…

May I suggest you reformat and present as a lawful “Cease and desist,” order or any other appropriate lawful judicial order, germane to this

serious matter of deception and the land jurisdiction. This order should be addressed to all individuals, acting in the capacity of public officers, elected or appointed, legitimate or not; criminal impersonators or impostors…

That effective this date any continuation of de facto activities, as determined by American sovereigns, who will be the sole judges of the lawful and faithful performance consistent with their oath of office, will be considered treason.

Additionally Judge, I strongly suggest the immediate release all political prisoners incarcerated unlawfully by pirates who have committed acts of open piracy upon the land jurisdiction. In this situation many have been given an opportunity to correct any errors or misunderstandings.

In these cases, I also strongly suggest in the strongest of terms the immediate arrest and incarceration of such criminal actors.

13-NOVEMBER-16: The Thomas Deegan Affair – Freedom’s Trust Indenture
And the document to be reformatted into a lawful, judicial order enforceable on the land jurisdiction to all public servants regardless of in what capacity they serve.

Failure of any public servant to comply with this lawful judicial order will provide the only source of lawful authority, the people themselves, to assert their lawful and legitimate authority to begin to make citizen arrests and incarcerate all offenders until such time as new legitimate courts of, for, and by the people are established to properly and lawfully try the offenders.

From Anna von Reitz

SOURCE with thanks

Please share widely.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


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