How To Forgive In 120 Seconds or Less

Forgiveness requires courage*

Richard Williams, best known as Prince Ea, is a well-spoken poet, rapper, and filmmaker who has taken the world by storm due to his profound insights on love, relationships, and life. [Video disabled in the link. Use this video link ]

In some of his previous works, such as “I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White,” he breaks down racial division by exposing how all humans truly are one. In the 2015 video (below) “How To Forgive Your Ex (Or Anyone Who Hurt You),” more profound insight is offered.

The spoken artist proclaims,

“Some people will never forgive, they are so loyal to their anger and hatred that they will stress and hurt themselves physically and psychologically for the rest of their lives because they will look at forgiveness as some sort of weakness, but that’s not true. It takes a very strong and wise person to forgive, to choose to be better than bitter.

When you harbor hate against another person, you can never be free. Recognizing this, Prince Ea has some mind-blowing advice for those who are ready to forgive the people who have hurt them at one time or another. Don’t forget either, forgiveness goes both ways…

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*The energy of courage is 200 Hz

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