Energy flows where human attention goes so let’s go viral with the following message  to set ourselves free, reclaim and restore our home planet.

By Alexandra Meadors at Galactic Connection

The following are notes I captured while listening to the video [Doreen]

Not all extreme weather is man-made. Recent conditions including excessive snow are a release valve for the planet to cleanse.

Andrei Karlov Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated; the flip side is that Karlov’s death motivated the Turkish government to align with Russia and Iran to bring peace to the Middle East.

Liberation of Aleppo is huge and positive. Exposing what it’s like to live in a terrorist environment pushes to the surface the truth of terrorism and who is really behind it. It’s new for us to see coverage of taking down the cabal’s dark agenda orchestrated by the US government and others.

Hillary Clinton’s temper tantrums demonstrate that the cabal is not used to losing and will not go down easily.

At the last minute the Light ensured a Trump win. Trump’s strengths, like them or not, are a prerequisite for standing strong in the White House.

Trump made agreements to ensure that no one can buy him off. He also made sure that everyone in his cabinet is either well funded or an entrepreneur so that no one can buy any of them off.

Pedophilia and child sexual abuse intel are game changers. They are entrenched in the family unit, schools, orphanages, churches, universities, corporate world, and government. If individuals saw the whole truth all at once people might flip out. All is Divinely timed and orchestrated during this end game.

The Galactic cosmic wave reaching Earth in not HAARP. It came from Prime Creator to separate the wheat from the chafe, to increase our consciousness and awareness. It is a gift we need to embrace and be grateful for.

All world government officials were assembled on a space craft and shown a holographic image of the new Earth. There wasn’t one dry eye in that meeting.

Separation is much clearer now, making it easier to see which side people are on, and this will continue. Putin’s constraints prevented WW III. The beast is constantly provoking him. Offer gratitude to Putin and others preventing a world war.

Soros funded campaign; hiring college students to create riots and demonstrations against Donald Trump signal cabal desperation. It is good to expose which side of history people are choosing to stand on.

New Secretary of Defense Rex Tillerson is a friend of Russia. Trump selected others not in the Light. This is a classic strategy on the part of Trump to clean house in the future, by keeping the enemy close at hand.

There is a face-off between Trump and the CIA, which has backed the US government for a long time.

Podesta, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others implicated in PizzaGate. Keep your eyes on the names that Tory Smith released. It’s all coming out in the wash.

At Standing Rock huge strides were made, including veterans who travelled long distances to stand with American Indigenous people.

Huge lawsuit by a female former employee who sued Google for internal spying programs. This is really big! Employees were to report colleagues they suspect leaking information to media. Why now and why push this? Because as badly as Hillary tried to shut down alternative media, it did not work.

After Galactic Connection’s Alexandra interviewed Mike Harris and disclosure that funding for ISIS came from BP Petroleum and Exxon Mobil, etc., her site was down for 5 days. Subsequently, Alexandra was told that it needed to happen at that time so it could not happen again. Most alt news sites are now supported, protected, and provided with a battery by space ships. In other words, energetic mechanisms have been created to ensure that the  alt news force [like 200 sites on the list] stay alive and continue to reveal the truth.

Alexandra was floored by Syrian Ambassador announcing, intelligence and military officers contained during liberation of Aleppo, Syria. Note well the countries involved: US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Katar, Jordan, and Morocco. This is one of the most monumental military coup operations to contain and bring down the dark, and it is happening all over the Galaxy. This is true testimony of how much headway we have made. Keep an eye on this news.

The Russians, because of liberation in Aleppo, moved to full and immediate cease fire. We can see this is all connected, to finally bring peace during a time when most people don’t believe peace is possible. Russia is determined to bring all players to the table to gain more understanding and more awareness regarding those captured and how to bring peace.

The turning point for Erdogan was the coup he experienced July 2016. He now sees things differently and is working with Russia and Iran to have these 3 powerful countries work together without interruption and dissonance from the USA, Israelis, and other who do not want peace. Erdogan’s desire to end terrorism is another move toward the Light. Observe closely the strategy as the dark is dismantled and destroyed.

Antarctica news is a distraction for alt media. It pulls us away from PizzaGate, Trump making headway with the White House, and amazing discoveries world-wide with who is on what side. It’s also surfacing that this continent has been known about for a long time. It’s soft disclosure that will expose what’s really going on at the bottom of the globe.

Fantastic news. Antarctica was deemed the #1 escape route for the dark at this time, if something occurred so they could save themselves. All escape routes have been shut down and all beings on the planet. Be aware that any plans of destruction for Earth and humanity have been shut down! Go within and ask for your truth. The more people who ask, and allow themselves to receive the truth rather than resist change, the better everyone will be.

Individuals will continually be challenged to find our own truth and to look at things in other ways; see reality as it is instead of how we’d like it to be. Go within and ask your heart what is true for you.

35:00 Historical message from Prime Creator:

There is so much transforming and transpiring with the spiritual and physical at this time. You are all going through the last phases of Ascension physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Let’s look at these parts individually.

Physical: your body structure was made of a clay base carbon structure, combined with elements not to be disclosed at this time. Structures include your essence, your peptides, the nucleus, subatomic elements, structures, atoms, and quantum entanglement with someone else’s genetic make-up that was not pure, and did not come from Prime Creator.

The original structure, the Prime Creator and lineage, is and was a crystalline structure. I created a new crystalline structure never experienced before that you will have and you are changing into.

Imposter beings created a plane that then created quantum entanglement that was not made from love and therefore not made by Prime Creator. These beings were all of a similar frequency and came from other sectors, convinced that they were the only beings who existed. There were 75 sectors, and a creator for each of them.

These being concocted and planned to conquer, defeat, and destroy Prime Creator of All Things, and everything Prime Creator was, is, and will be. This was demonstrated through unspeakable acts done to Prime Creator’s lineage. Firstly the imposters created the Big Bang shattering the crystalline structure of Prime Creator, and other beings nearby were shattered as well. This act allowed the imposters to manipulate and experiment on others who were not shattered.

These imposter beings then proceeded to pillage Prime Creator’s Library of Creation, the Library of Books of Creation, and other assets of Prime Creator, with the hope that someday they would be what Prime Creator was, is, and will be. They hoped they would be and obtain all Prime Creator’s wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, abilities, attributes, and spiritual tools. These acts were then repeated on Prime Creator’s lineage with the intention of amassing all the benefits of Prime Creator’s gifts strictly for themselves. They were driven to be the greatest rulers there ever were.

What they did not understand is they may have destroyed the physical crystalline shell that housed Prime Creator’s Essence, and Prime Creator’s Soul but they never really destroyed Prime Creator, or Me, or my lineage. With this simplified explanation I can now explain what you are transforming out of.

I created a brand new crystalline structure of the physical shell for those ascending to a higher vibration, and who will be physically transformed. This will be done while releasing all the old structures that you were made of. There will be no recreating anything that was created prior to this ever again. If you’re being told to reactivate or recreate an old blue print please steer clear of these things. It is indicative of the imposters trying to trick you back into the looping system we have been in all this time. With this new information I would like to bring something of greater importance to your attention.

You must all understand how badly you have been deceived. You have been told many times that all is illusion and false information. Understand. You exist at the farthest point of these events which took place, meaning you are the largest and most extreme amplification of those original events. Think of the original pinnacle being projected out in a way that the father away you get from the whole the larger the pinnacle is.

The next piece of information is that everyone has their own Books of Creation. These books match your energy signature, so when someone else tries to duplicate your touch and use your Books it creates another energy signature with quantum entanglement and then can be identified. This is because everyone and everything has its own unique energy signature. So hopefully with this clarification you can now understand the repercussions of what occurred when My Books were stolen from Me.

When these imposters were using my Books, they found My formulae encrypted and did not understand them. Due to this lack of understanding they changed My original formulae for creating things. Because these were My Books of Creation it appeared that what was created by these imposters came from Prime Creator, and naturally everyone felt it was my responsibility to correct these mis-creations. It was never My responsibility to save them from what they did and whom they did it to. Their plans had always worked with other beings in other sectors, and frankly this is how they went from 1 sector to 75 sectors.

These imposters always use the same devices, the same patterns, the same plans, and the same repeating templates to get what they want at no cost to themselves. Nor do they care what they did to achieve it. They were and are missing many genetic structures, and a lack of intelligence, knowledge, and abilities. Everything they have ever created is mis-calculated, distorted, and what we call imperfect and incorrect. They never look to review the future of what they have created or how these creations have affected anyone or anything. They just create a plane, and then move on, dis-regarding what they do and what affects they have on all of life.

With this knowledge presented, I suggest you stop participating in the following because the energy that it creates, and comes from, is those same imposter beings. I refer to them as false gods who many follow religiously. These suggestions are as follows:

1. Refrain from all invocations, incantations, covenants, and ceremonial magic, including ceremonial religion, for example the sign of the cross, which literally shatters your energy and gives your power away to another giving that service.

Even a blessing is stronger than a curse and this is only highlighting what these things do to you.

When you participate in these sorts of things you dis-empower yourself. First, you are being bound, embodied through righteousness, entitlement, ownership, and enslavement, giving up all the good things you created to imposter beings and leaving you with bread crumbs. Also you are allowing and accepting it, which means you give permission [CONSENT] to have this happen!

  1. When this is done on Earth you allow, accept, and give permission for them to exchange whatever they desire for their services rendered. You actually receive all the karmic debt they transfer to you, and it is done in a manner of the repeating infinity symbol meaning no exit point or should I say, the debt can never be paid off.

    Stop looking outside yourself for the truth. It is within you, and has been there all along. You have your own team of YOU and aspects of you. Start by talking to your I AM Eternal Presence which is a cell of Prime Creator.

    To understand how Prime Creator interacts and informs you during dream time every night, and to transform limitations into limitless possibilities click here to read the transcript or listen closely. YouTube will not allow me to embed the video.


From Doreen

Knowing what you are up against is a step closer to setting you and loved ones free.

Every morning before getting out of bed and at night before sleep take a few slow deep breaths to relax. Imagine, sense, feel the Power of being a unique cell of Prime Creator also known as Consciousness unbounded in form. Give thanks for at least 5 things.

Next, focus attention in your heart and ask your Creator for clarity, to safeguard you and loved ones, ask to fulfill your Soul purpose and transition these shifting times with most ease and grace, and to effortlessly create what brings you greater well being and joy.

Please share this message and thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved




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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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