“DEET and Carbamate Pesticide Chemicals Target Human Brains” [Binary chemical weapon]

The Zika Files: DEET is part of a binary chemical weapon targeting your brain (FULL)

(NaturalNews) I’ve just released a hard-hitting mini-documentary that explains how DEET insecticide is one part of a binary chemical weapon that targets your brain for destruction.

The other part of that chemical weapon is found in carbamate pesticides which inundate the non-organic food supply. Once you combine these two, you get hypertoxicity to brain cells via “acetylcholesterase inhibitor chemicals,” leading to mass confusion, fear, memory loss and an inability to think for yourself.

Click here for the full video on YouTube or watch it below.

This video explains why the mainstream media is urging everyone to spray DEET all over their skin while carbamate pesticide chemicals are carpet bombed onto civilian populations (and the food supply). It’s all a deliberate act of chemical warfare against YOU, and it’s being waged for a specific purpose that’s explained at length in the video. (Hint: It’s no coincidence a major presidential election that depends on dumbed down voters just took place)

Watch the video and share this with everyone you know. And for God’s sake, don’t put these chemicals on your skin… EVER!

SOURCE with thanks http://www.naturalnews.com/055221_DEET_neurotoxin_Zika_virus.html

Modern life is killing our children: Cancer rate in young people up 40 per cent in 16 years

It’s safe to say that cancer doesn’t happen naturally in most cases. It happens when you live in a world where being exposed to toxins is nearly inescapable.  http://readynutrition.com/resources/why-are-childhood-cancer-rates-up-40-in-16-years_06092016/#

From Doreen
Few people realize the extreme assault on our bodies each day [food, water, air]. For this and other reasons it is wise to research the natural and rare timeline Earth is passing through, who you truly are, and why you are really here during this auspicious time.


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