Government of Canada defends record $11bn arms sale to Saudi Arabia in court … On our watch?

Fellow Canadians: Silence is tacit or implied consent, to war for profit and population control

FILE PHOTO. A convoy of vehicles, including a Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV III) and a Leopard 2A6M Main Battle Tank from the 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group, during an operation in Kandahar Province © Reuters

Daniel Turp – anti-war activist

The Canadian government is fighting a court battle against an anti-war activist seeking to derail a record arms deal with Saudi Arabia. The activist argues the weapons could be used to violate human rights, including in the Saudi intervention in Yemen.

The deal for light armored vehicles (LAVs) is the largest advanced manufacturing export contract in Canadian history, the Globe and Mail reported. Estimated at almost 15 billion Canadian dollars (US$11 billion), it dwarfs any other sale of arms ever made by the country. It was negotiated by the conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and endorsed by his liberal successor, Justin Trudeau, whose government sealed the contract in April.

The deal was challenged in court this week by law professor and former politician Daniel Turp. He argues that the delivery of weapons to Saudi Arabia, which is engaged in a bloody camping to quash a rebellion in Yemen on behalf of the country’s ousted president, may violate Canada’s commitments to human rights.

“To give arms to a country that uses them to violate human rights is to contribute to that violation,” Andre Lesperance, a former federal lawyer representing Turp, told a federal court in Montreal. “It’s beyond willful blindness.”

The government countered by saying there was no evidence that Saudi Arabia had ever used previously-purchased Canadian LAVs against civilians. But it hinted that Ottawa did not discount the possibility that the armored vehicles may end up being used in Yemen.

“The fact that Saudi Arabia is not a threat, but more so a key military ally who backs efforts of the international community to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and the instability in Yemen,” federal lawyers said, as cited by Vice Canada. “The acquisition of these next-generation vehicles will help in those efforts, which are compatible with Canadian defense interests.”

The Globe and Mail earlier published footage of armored vehicles similar to the LAVs used by Saudi Arabia to suppress protests in its Eastern Province. The Yemeni intervention has been criticized by numerous rights groups for the large number of civilian casualties, with some accusing the Saudis of committing war crimes.

During the court hearings, Ottawa also challenged Turp’s right to question the contract under the Geneva Conventions, which regulate humanitarian aspects of warfare.

“The Geneva Convention certainly wasn’t intended to bring forward a cause from someone who is not himself in an armed conflict,” federal lawyer Vincent Veilleux said. “Countries jealously protect their sovereignty. They agreed to these conventions in an extremely limited scope.”

The lawyers also asked Justice Lamer-Tremblay to force Turp to pay the legal costs* of several previous cases he had brought against the Canadian government over potential participation in the Iraq War, the handling of detainees in Afghanistan, and Ottawa’s withdrawal from the Kyoto climate-change protocol. None of those cases was successful.

Lesperance argued that such a move would discourage Canadians from challenging their government’s policies.**

The judge did not give a deadline for the ruling, but it is expected before the New Year.

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The Canadian government is not the only one under fire over arms sales to Saudi Arabia amid the continued violence in Yemen. The same issue caused heated debates in the British parliament, where Prime Minister Theresa May’s government has defended arms trade with Riyadh despite mounting evidence that British weapons have contributed to civilian suffering in Yemen. Source with thanks

Hidden meaning of the word government

From Doreen:
Mark Passio reveals the literal translation of Government. The word comes from the Latin verb gubernare ‘to control‘ and the Latin noun mens [ment], which means ‘mind‘.

Word magic


Earth is a freewill zone where ‘consent’ is Power [energy] which creates physical reality. Knowing this, planetary rulers became masters of deception to trick unaware humans into least resistance and consent that empower their next steps.  The following is the ruling 1%’s master template that humans must stop empowering:

Problem-reaction-solution is a power play, a strategy of ‘deception’ used by planetary rulers [1%] to distract and dis-inform the 99%, in order to stay in control at all costs. How?

  1. Where there is ‘no’ PROBLEM the ruling 1% fabricate one [phantom enemy, false flag staged attack, gross pollution, fabricated swine flu, ebola, manufactured refugee crisis, war]
  1. Mainstream media [owned by the ruling 1%] trigger the desired public REACTION [distract, dis-inform, fear porn, dis-empowerment, predictive programming]
  1. The ruling 1% offer their SOLUTION to elicit public ‘consent’ with least resistance. Few people realize that public silence is tacit or implied consent that empowers more regulations, more security, more taxation, more surveillance, more vaccines, more sterilization, more enslavement, funded by taxpayers who seldom question reality.

* Bar Association licensed Attorneys work for the establishment not the people.

**Canadian government employees are paid by Canadian tax payers. This means  government employees work for the Canadian people not the other way around. Canadians need to speak up and withdraw consent to harm [funding Saudi Arabia etc.] because we reap what we sow.

The following is ‘not’ fake news

Saudi forces backed by the United States are intentionally targeting food production and the agricultural sector in their bombing campaign in Yemen, according to a leading expert. In some parts of the impoverished country, the Saudi-led coalition is using a “scorched-earth strategy,” says a scholar who specializes in agriculture in Yemen.  

Although nearly obliterated, thanks to the over 300,000 airstrikes and blockades, Yemen still stands to emerge as victor. Not only is the impoverished nation surviving a 20 mega-nation coalition and a ‘silent global complicity’ but they also managed to light the spark that will rid the world of this short-lived demonic British colony state of ‘Saudi Arabia‘.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International produced a joint statement earlier this year condemning Saudi Arabia for “an appalling record of violations” in Yemen, where it has conducted a bombing campaign against Houthi rebels since 2015, which has resulted in the deaths of up to 4,000 civilians. The two organizations called for Saudi Arabia, a member of the UNHRC since it was created in 2006, apart from a mandatory year-long break after two terms, to be suspended – to no avail.

Contrary to Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s assurances that they do not support Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), Hillary Clinton apparently believes that they are in fact providing “clandestine financial and logistic support to IS and other radical Sunni groups in the region,” according to an August 17, 2014 email released by WikiLeaks on Monday.

Canada’s budget deficit to be larger than advertised by the Liberals

The budget hole will be $5 billion bigger than predicted for the current 2016-2017 fiscal year, rising to $34 billion, wrote economists Derek Burleton, Beata Caranci and Brian DePratto in a new report. The spring budget saw the government add $11 billion in stimulus spending for the current fiscal year.

Government Austerity Programs: GAP101

Chaos In The Streets As Brazil Senate Approves 20 Year Austerity Plan

Every country is vulnerable to fiat paper money. At the stroke of a few computer keys planetary rulers can render the digits in our bank accounts and investments worthless, unless more people engage reality and pull together to right the wrongs.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

From Ann von Reitz
The concept is simple. Split the “streams of income” into budgeted and non-budgeted categories. Then present only the budgeted amount for public notice and discussion. People will naturally assume that the budgeted amount is all there is and not ask about the non-budgeted income—-which becomes a giant secret slush fund.

The Canadian government also keeps two sets of books. Canadians need to learn about, and expose every CAnFR (Canadian Annual Financial Report) to clear all debt and share the wealth in valuable sustainable currency.

FREEDOM 2017 – Happy New Life CANADA

More to follow in a subsequent Blog.

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