Donald Trump Vs The Debt Bomb

It is not up to Trump.

To neutralize the debt bomb is an inside job, which means it is up to a critical mass of aware humans willing to self govern, expose crimes against humanity, pull together to prosecute and incarcerate the perpetrators of great fraud, deceit, and harm, to set ourselves free.

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Unpayable Debts are never paid.      Dr Michael Hudson

Dr Michael Hudson wrote Super Imperialism in 1972. That was the year after President Nixon took us off the gold exchange standard and the year before Henry Kissinger launched the Petro-Dollar. Hudson went to the State Department and the Pentagon to explain his book. He told them that the US was incapable of balancing its trade deficit.  All those foreign wars and military bases were too expensive. By replacing gold with the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, America was capable of printing dollars to pay for the occupation of foreign nations. These were dollars that the occupied nations needed to conduct trade. It is as if we were paying nothing for everything we bought. When a general in the audience finally understood how this system worked, he said, “Wow! We’re ripping people off.”

That was in 1972.


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