No Rule of Law: It’s Time To Carry Our Own Water! [Bundy Ranch, Mark Passio Must Watch]

On Wednesday, December 14, 2016, Leonard Harview (Harvieux) wrote:

I strongly suggest you all watch this recent overview of both the Bundy Ranch standoff and the Oregon standoff.  After absorbing this side of the story and then rehashing what the MSM along with the many controlled trolls have reported, I ask if you now think whether it’s possible that our people are being ruled under the laws/doctrine of conquest as opposed to the rule of law?

In other words, there is no rule of law and this, now in default corporate government structure, is operating without their charter under ultra vires violations under the laws/doctrine of conquest and must be overwhelmed lawfully by the people. Now is the time, folks!

Is it not enough to act now that evidence is crystal clear regarding thousands of our children and grand children being subject to pedophilia and satanic ritual murders by those who are purportedly ruling us?  Below is a vivid reminder and overview of what we are and have been subject to.

#PIZZAGATE : Everyone Must Watch This ! Very Important Message for All Researchers

Mark Passio NAILS IT! As a minimum please watch and listen 18:00-37:00 minutes

Here’s a rule of law solution that must be implemented to minimize bloodshed:

I ask again, what will it take for the people to rise up and say no more?  I’d rather not go the route Mark Passio specifies withing which pertains to a total bloody revolution. I’d rather go the way a few of us have laid out and clearly specified at:   Yes, it will take a bit of heavy reading and research on the site as to what has been accomplished but once again, if you do not want to do so for yourself, consider doing it for your children and/or grand children, if applicable.

Best regards,

From Doreen

Revelations are such that Earth is ruled by satanic forces.

If you doubt pedophilia is real world-wide not just in America, or if you doubt that young children are being raped, tortured, and murdered every day, please summon the courage to watch the following. I made notes about the video:

Snuff Movies & Ritual Child Abuse in France – A German Documentary (English Subtitles)

14:00 – 16:15 minutes: Deborah describes satanic ritual where they cut pieces off the body of a young boy. They cut off his foot, raped him, and he died. [A snuff film is where a child is murdered by torture or by sexual abuse until death follows.]

It is surmised these snuff films are produced for very rich people.

17:09 and 17:39 -18:16  images of children being tortured – hard for me to distinguish some of the images.

25:00 Young victim Noemi; her father kept children in cages in their basement. The children were kept alive long enough to rape and torture and then they were murdered.

27:25-28:29 Noemi participates in the torture – absolutely horrifying!!!

33:47-36:45  Priests, child sacrifice [killed], followed by cannibalism

43:00-44:30 Marc Detroux the man written about here:

Noemi met Detroux through her father suggesting that if Detroux is connected to pedophilia in France it is likely he is connected to pedophilia throughout Europe.

Noemi is taking matters into her own hands and naming each of her abusers. She also mentioned going after Detroux to shut down the European pedophilia network.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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