Grand Solar Minimum [Cooling], Galactic Cosmic Rays, Cloud Cover Unrelated to Chemtrails

A New Grand Solar Minimum Has Begun Are You Ready to Thrive

Published on Jun 12, 2015

With the new solar minimum upon our planet, think about prosperity and thriving with your communities during this next 30 years. Life will change for billions of people on our planet.

Adapt 2030 brings you ‘barely reported” cold weather events world-wide so you can prepare for this new cold era, and keep abreast of food prices and solutions for a new era of existence.

Excellent must watch – Jim Lee interviews David DuByne (ADAPT 2030)
Topics: cloud formation, galactic cosmic rays, geoengineering, and global cooling

ADAPT 2030

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From Doreen
Blue sky and sun are being obscured by more than just chemtrails. During Jim’s interview with David in the video below, we learn that increased cloud cover blocking blue sky and sun is being caused by a naturally occurring sun effect.


Dec 06, 2016: Rooftops on three major European cities yielded samples of cosmic dust.

Generally, the cosmic dust was thought to accumulate only down in places like Antarctica but recently they’ve been finding many meteors coming into our atmosphere burning up because of the decreased magnetosphere, which allows more xenos space debris to come in and penetrate lower into our atmosphere and then burn up. They are actually finding it now on rooftops in major cities because there’s such an increase. So when you talk about the exchange of extra or off-planet bodies coming in, including the solar winds, and the galactic cosmic rays, now we have meteor dust that’s accumulating and starting to form more noctilucent clouds, and it’s actually measurable on the rooftops in major European cities. That’s how much above the norm it is now.

19:20 minutes: Extreme climate change is being impacted by the sun effect and repeating cycles brought on by cloud layers. Second cold weather front arriving Dec 15, 16, 17, 2016 in southern USA.

Svensmark: The Cloud Mystery

Uploaded on Jul 24, 2011

Henrik Svensmark’s documentary on climate change and cosmic rays. For more documentation on the fraud of anthropocentric climate change, see ‘Global Warming’ Scare Is Population Reduction, Not Science.’

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