Your Light Body Energetic Clearing Technique

If you are new to energy clearing the Triple Grid Techniques are simple to use, powerful, and a gift to be shared. To clear toxic, negative energy that blocks your well being and human potential visit

Be sure to share with others too. Thanks!


The Lightbody is a structure of Light from the higher dimensions.  Like the physical body it is a vehicle for Consciousness. Whereas a physical body contains organs the Lightbody contains various structures of Light. Energy centers, the column, and merkaba are all structures of Light. [Updated Nov 16.16]


If you are new to energy work; energy is neither created nor destroyed; it continually changes form. Your beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, and feelings are freewill consent, which is Power to transform energy.

There are 3 different clearing techniques below as follows:

#1 Ze’Or Continuum: a request to transform electromagnetic frequency radiation from harm to harmless.

#2 Triple Grid [space/locations]: technique to transform negative, low vibratory frequency energy within, around, above, below a location to Light [home, office, car, store, church, government building, mall, war zone, whether you plan to go there or not].

#3 Triple Quad Grid Individual…

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