The Purple Revolution Comes To America’s Backyard … Be Aware

…Courtesy of George Soros,
the Clinton Crime Family,
and the Obama Administration


Note the imperiousness of Hillary Clinton and the pensiveness of Jesuit-controlled Bill Clinton and Jesuit-trained Tim Kaine of Liberation Theology fame.

The Purple Revolution Must Be Stopped Before It Really Gets Started

Isn’t it extremely odd that neither the POTUS nor ex-Candidate Clinton
have tried to discourage the nationwide riots and protest?!

State of the Nation

Truly, it was only a matter of time before a CIA color revolution was staged right in America’s own back yard.

Soros’s “Purple Revolution” brewing for Trump presidency

As a matter of historical fact, the US Department of State in collaboration with the CIA, DIA and NSA has carried out so many color revolutions around the globe over the past century that it boggles the mind.  Hence, the seeds of karma have been insidiously planted only to emerge as the tree of destiny now being experienced by every U.S. citizen.

First, Obama was permitted to execute a slow-motion tearing of the social fabric throughout the USA now known as the Obamanation.  His creation of various Czars and installation of key appointees guaranteed that a Stasi state would be surreptitiously built. The resulting quasi-communist, part-fascist progressivism known as “political correctness” has taken the United States into a place not too different from the USSR. Had Hillary R. Clinton had won the election, the USSA would have manifested as a full-blown socialist A M E R I K A.

The Soros-Clinton-Obama Crowd Will Not Stand Down

Everyone and their brother have always known that the Clintonistas WOULD NOT LOSE THIS ELECTION, gracefully or otherwise.  That they would not tolerate a Trump victory even when he won by an electoral vote landslide.  Paid fanatical anarchists and agents provocateur simply don’t have to accept the democratic result of a free and lawful election—just ask George Soros.

Only by understanding that it was the big Soros money and serious social engineering initiatives that were directly behind the Obama presidency in the first place can the real conspiracy to destroy the American Republic be correctly comprehended.  More importantly, it’s crucial to apprehend the true enormity and profundity of this multi-decade plot to take over the US by the NWO ruling cabal.  Soros is only the face of this clandestine scheme; the actual depth and breadth of this worldwide criminal organization is much larger than any Fortune 500 company.

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From Doreen

New information prompted me to correct the following post. Apologies if I mis-led anyone.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


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