WHO Really Got Trumped; Relation-SHIFT With ‘Presumed’ Authority

These end times are like no other

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NOV 13.16 UPDATE: I abbreviated articles below based on new information [Doreen]

Mr Trump, who pledged to repeal the 2010 law, said he will keep the ban on insurers denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.

He told the Wall Street Journal that he also favoured allowing young adults to be insured on their parents’ policies.

“I like those very much,” Mr Trump said of the two pillars of the bill.


Trump Will Neither Repeal Obamacare Nor Withdraw US’ Support From South Korea [Mis-leading headline]

2016 Election: Lynching by laptop

Nov 13.16 UPDATE: I am led to believe this is questionable. Doreen

In his new Rolling Stone investigation Greg Palast revealed that a program to prevent alleged voter fraud, “Interstate Crosscheck,” has wrongly tagged voters listing them as registering in two states or voting in two states, a felony crime. The suspect list of potential criminals contains an astonishing SEVEN MILLION NAMES—naming ONE IN SEVEN voters of color in the Crosscheck states.

SOURCE https://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2016/11/11/november-11-2016-news-evening/

How does hiring industry lobbyists for senior FCC positions equal “draining the swamp???

This headline from today’s NY Times
Trump Campaigned Against Lobbyists, But Now They’re On His Transition Team

The remedy will not be found in our so-called “leaders”.

I believe we are all involved in a process of shifting our relationship with authority.

[ Personal note: The below is from a Facebook conversation I had on Wednesday. I want to invite you to friend me on my personal FB, and follow our Take Back Your Power FB page. So much more is being unveiled than we can fit in here. (If you’re hesitant to use Facebook, I can relate.) ]

May I suggest the following response to the election, no matter on what “side” you found yourself on.

(1 OUTER) We first realize that we as a people have been completely war gamed by a psychopathic unconscious force acting through the “establishment”, to purposefully split us down the middle. We come to terms with the fact that we as a people have been divided and we have been conquered. With the fact that that same force is not only not seeking solutions, it is engaged in the active suppression of solutions including via pervasive bait-and-switch Hegelianism. And it is operating through all of the power structures in our society which we once took for granted as providing service to us.

(2 REFLECTION) We realize that, as we are a micro of the macro, so we have all of those shitty qualities we’ve been projecting… IN US ALL. We have the insane lying war mongering psychopath in us. We have the sexist whatever you think Trump is, in us. IT’S IN US ALL. Resisting or projecting at this stage will just unnecessarily delay your process. Resisting at this stage will not lead to a solution.

(3 INNER) Then we look higher, we look within, and we dare to let go of political ideologies so we can be together in service to the One; through all of our brothers and sisters. But we dare to first love ourselves. This includes letting go of self-judgment. You are enough.

(4 TRANSMIT) This will necessarily involve injecting truth into power-hungry systems based on illusion. No one can do your piece, but you. Those systems cannot handle the frequency of Source.
Think: Neo going into Smith at the end of Matrix Revolutions.
Think: Po going into the bad guy at the end of KungFu Panda 3.
Think: Aragorn and Theoden riding out into the orc army, in Lord of the Rings.

These stories are trying to convey a message: the death-agents and their systems cannot handle the overwhelming spiritual energy of the river of truth. The only way is to allow yourself to become a vessel for it. A light wants to shine. And it’s in all of us.

So there’s my 4-part plan to “make America great again.”

Josh del Sol


Google to watch the FULL MOVIE which is free.

Government Services Corporation

Arnie Rosner asked, “By what authority does a foreign controlled corporation impose an unlawful system of administration and rob the Citizens under misrepresentation, lies and deceit?”

My response
Voting is ‘consent’ which is Power that sustains the status quo.

Arnie’s post: https://scannedretina.com/2016/05/10/free-our-american-heros-draft-larry-klayman


To be continued … Please share! Doreen

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