Trump Is Only The Prelude To What Is Coming

By vidrebel
“Across the Midwest, across the Rustbelt, I understand why a lot of people are angry. And they see Donald Trump as their human Molotov cocktail that they get to go into the voting booth on Nov 8. and throw him into our political system.” Michael Moore

I was angered when I saw the list of three men Donald Trump wants to appoint to his cabinet. Steve Mnuchin is a former partner at Goldman Sachs as was his father before him. Before he became a Hollywood producer, he worked for George Soros.  Rudy Giuliani was in Building 7 the World Trade Center in the morning of 911. He knew that Tower 7 was never hit by an airliner so it is reasonable to assume he knew the Israeli Mossad took down Towers 1, 2 and 7 with controlled demolitions. Chris Christie as Attorney General would be an insult to the Department of Justice.

Those three men would only be put in the cabinet in a vain attempt to quash any hope Trump and Sanders voters had for meaningful reform. I never liked Trump’s support of Israel. Two of his children converted to Judaism so what can you expect.

I was always more interested in the anger of the average Trump voter than in the candidate. The Good News is that the anger in the land is escalating day by day.

Today FBI Director Comey announced that no criminal charges would be forthcoming against Hillary Clinton. The FBI did not have sufficient time to read and analyze the 650,000 emails they found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.  Comey never mentioned the NYPD case against Bill and Hillary Clinton for pedophilia. And Amateur sleuths have detected child trafficking code in John Podesta’s emails.

Hillary allowed access to Secure Compartmentalized information to her cleaning lady.

These charges are not going away. Even if George Soros steals ten million votes using the electronic voting machines he owns. Even if Obama tells the illegal aliens to get out and vote. Nobody from either Obama’s Justice Department or his FBI will arrest George Soros and Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders’ voters were robbed at the polls earlier in the year. They ought not to be forgotten when it comes time to uncover the truth which is that Americans have been exploited by Wall Street ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve. The Bankers stole money by the tens of trillions. And they got our soldiers killed from World War I to today’s battles in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.

People do not seem to understand economics. It is quite simple. We had a choice between a banking system that allows the Bankers to charge us interest on money they created out of thin air and one that gave us a currency that was debt free. Why would anyone want a dollar patterned after President Lincoln’s Greenbacks. No $20 trillion debt and no $500 billion a year in federal interest payments. And no state and local bonds either.

Why would anyone want that debt free world when they can let the Bankers choose debt slavery for us?

And why would we have chosen to avoid WW I, WW II, the Korean and Vietnam wars and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when we could let Wall Street and the Jewish Lobby make us fight wars for their fun and profit?

The Bankers chose to give us a banking system that transfers wealth from us to them. This system of theirs generates mountains of Unpayable Debts. My regular readers are well aware that 3 million Americans starved to death in the 1930s because the Bankers were not willing to reform the system.

But this time around we have many more debts to cancel so Americans will soon be poorer than their ancestors were in 1933. And we have many more people today – 323 million vs 125 million. We will lose anywhere from 10 to  40 or even 50 million people from starvation, suicide and civil strife unless we have Debt Cancellation.

The Nationwide Food Riots will begin within 72 hours of the Dollar’s Death. No jobs, no income, no Food Stamps and not even a feasible plan to get food, employment and hope to 120 million Americans with nothing to eat. As I said many times before, Americans do have 325 million guns and 10 billion bullets so No Military force will tell them to stay in their homes until they starve to death. Only in the Dreams of the Bankers will the National Guard come round every morning to collect the dying emaciated bodies. Those who want to volunteer to die could always go to their nearest Obamacare compliant medical center to be given a shot that guarantees an end to their suffering.

That won’t happen. What will happen is that the cities will  collapse and more than 100 million Americans will flee to the countryside where all the farms and the food are. Of course they will have nothing with which to pay for their food and shelter and the gas money for their cars.

But that is what the Bankers want to happen. A nation where everyone is at war with his neighbors will be incapable of resisting Wall Street and demanding Bankers be arrested.

A series of plaques designed to get rid of over half the population is in store for us if the Bankers are not arrested.

I never thought we could achieve much of anything through voting.

But a military coup could lead to the arrest the Bankers and the seizure  of their assets to fund Debt Cancellation.

Nothing less will work.

The military and intelligence services have been feeding material to Wikileaks. If Hillary steals the election, she will go after her enemies inside the government and her critics on the Internet. She thinks she can get away with it. But her enemies have more firepower than she has. A lot more. And starving people cannot be coerced if they see 120 million people without anything to lose.

Assassinating Trump will just make people angrier. Stealing an election will make people even angrier.

The only solution is a military coup. There are no other viable exit strategies left to us.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy March 13, 1962

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To vote or not to vote?

Doreen Ann Agostino
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4 Responses to Trump Is Only The Prelude To What Is Coming

  1. tricolorro1 says:

    “DC Inside Source Says FBI is Going to “TAKE DOWN” Top DOJ Officials”

    “It has been widely reported that there is a massive feud within the FBI between agents who want to see Clinton charged and the upper level staff so entangled in politics that they have lost sight of what justice actually is.”

    “Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Assistant Attorney General Peter Kaznick, Assistant Attorney General John P. Carlin, and Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell” were all named as people who could be targeted by FBI officials because they have “done something that they are going to regret.””


    • Remember we are in end times. Deception, contradictions, dis-information, fear porn are rampant to pit us against one another.

      Hillary was cleared likely, to protect Obama and others at the highest echelons of government who knew and are implicated. Doreen

      Comment at

      pieczenik is an irrelevant scam artist trying to capitalize on the election. there is no “counter-coup” of intelligence agents / do-gooders.

      are there factions struggling for control. sure there are. that appears to have been settled when comey made his latest announcement, once again clearing hillary.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Don’t Worry About U.S. Elections
    No matter which candidate wins the presidential election, the shadow government remains.
    The elections is a game show.
    Rather, look for what signs you can find that the markets or banks will lock their doors…

    *I suggest we all have emergency cash on hand, supplies and a plan.

    – Laughter Is Good For Your Spirit –

    Here Is The Political Hacker Game Show BONUS Question!!!

    Who will win the 2016 U.S. Elections Puppet Presidential Office?
    B. TRUMP
    C. STEIN
    D. It doesn’t matter!

    Correct Answer:
    D. (The government does survive!)

    If you answered “D” you win this imaginary deluxe 1000 piece puzzle prize with the image of Clinton, Trump, Jesuit Cardinal, and Rothschild all laughing at their gala party.

    Hmm, we can guess who they are laughing at, can’t we?

    Yes, it does feel like the joke is on the voting citizens


  3. Can it really be a “military coup” when the ‘rule of law’ is being enforced? Smedley Butler knew what was needed–a military ARREST of the traitors/war criminals/banksters/media deceivers.

    A “coup” implies going outside the law. Such a military effort would be within the law to protect and defend our Republic and the Constitution from enemies … foreign and domestic.

    Such a massive action need not involve violence–unless the criminal element become violent. Military tribunals INTERROGATIONS to learn the extent of the criminal cabal and SEIZURE OF ASSETS per RICO statutes.


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