Nov 08.16 Radio Program | 2016 U.S. Election Expose and Alert


From Doreen

Apologies. The BlogTalkRadio system prohibited me from re-scheduling the Nov 07 radio program on the same day.

Image result for cosmic birth canal

I sense that the ‘end times’ war among planetary rulers signals the Cosmic Water is about to break. Get ready folks, to journey down the Universal birth canal into a new era.

Perhaps that is what the Hopi meant long ago [see below].

To smooth our journey, please join the non-partisan meditation Nov 07 in person or spirit. Meditation details in this link

9 PM EDT (6PM Pacific, 4 PM HST)
For your time zone

The election expose and alert will be broadcast live as follows

DATE Tuesday Nov 08, 2016

TIME 8:30 a.m. New York Time [5:30 a.m. PT, 6:30 a.m. MT]

For your time zone visit

CLICK to listen

Or call in to listen at (818) 495-6941

Please invite others to listen.

A Hopi Elder Speaks- Now is the Hour

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


About Doreen Agostino

Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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