KEY To Election 2016 And Beyond: To Vote Or Not To Vote?

The KEY is knowledge; ancient, crucial, and life altering

[NB: Watch the Corbett Report video below for what you are NOT being told]

We are taught that the right to vote is a citizen duty. Some people believe if you do not vote you lose the right to complain. Often, fear is behind our vote; vote for Y to oust X.

Knowledge now suggests not to vote because what we perceive as government is actually foreign owned and controlled imposters, perpetrating great deception and debt slavery on humans.

Facts reveal it matters not who you vote for. Elections are a ‘selection’ process rigged by planetary rulers to ensure their candidate wins.

True Meaning of Voting: How the Voting System is Used to Drain Your Energy, And What You Need To Do To Stop It

The vast majority of people on Earth do not know how to live harmonious lives, we don’t know how to manage society and work with each other in peace. There is a very good reason for this, pandemic ignorance. [Explained below and critical to know.]

With the hype around the 2016 presidential race buzzing, now is a good time to review what our relationship to government is, in law, the legal system and metaphysical realities of consciousness.

We are told in school, over the media and directly via the political propaganda apparatus that our right to vote is a solemn duty of being a citizen. We should feel proud to voice our opinion and participate in government, and we should feel ashamed if we do not.

The following details why the above exoteric belief about voting is a fraud. Moreover, voting for political institutions is an insidious method used by our would-be masters to garner our consent, to deceive us into participating in our own enslavement.

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Registering to Vote Gives Up Your Natural Rights | Judge Anna Von Reitz

The concept is simple, when we vote for a representative, it is an admission that we cannot manage our own affairs, we cannot be responsible for our estates (lives) and we need a master to manage them for us. Granted most people do not think of voting this way, but within the legal system, as well as the Natural Laws of the universe, this is what voting means. And if we just take an honest look at society, it becomes fairly clear that the vast majority of people on Earth do not know how to live harmonious lives, we don’t know how to manage society and work with each other in peace. But there is a very good reason for this, pandemic ignorance.

If we want to become a painter, then knowledge about painting is required. If we want to become a pastry chef, then knowledge about baking is required. If we want to live free, prosperous, and harmonious lives in a world of peace and kindness, then knowledge is required. And it’s this lack of knowledge, combined with social programming or indoctrination, trauma and fear that created the world we see today. A world filled with people that actually want to be ruled by a master.

In contrast, the universe is trying to invoke sovereignty within each being. The whole point of the evolutionary adventure is to develop and grow into a self-governing, wise, and competent individual; who recognize their true relationship to the universe, and their duty to honor the sovereignty of all other life. Of course, this is the polar opposite of how most people are today. As such, when a people loses touch with the realities of interconnectedness; when they forget about how their choices in life create the world we all live in, then are external forms of control needed to manage the ignorant masses – that’s what the government is.

Human beings are powerful creators, given incredible abilities of manifestation. We need only look out into the world to see what we’re capable of as one people. But without knowledge, without skill and discipline, the world we create from ignorance is one of hardship, scarcity, and slavery for all. Only by changing ourselves within, taking up our creator given inheritance of sovereignty will we become change agents for a brighter future. 

RELATED: Synchronistically, on the same day this article was published, a NOTICE and PUBLIC ORDER was issued by Judge Anna Von Reitz. The notice can be used to help bring awareness and take action to end the mandate of authority maintained by the cabal, one more tool in our chest for freedom.

How the Cabal Maintains Their Power And What You Need To Do To Stop It – Un-Consent | Beyond BRICS: Exposing the Rats

So while we should definitely gain knowledge of the frauds in society, we should not seek to blame someone else for our woes. And while we may not think we are actively contributing to the hardships of this world, our lack of competence, self-mastery and sovereignty ensures that the Cabal remain in power as the balancing force to our ignorance. 

There really is only one truly lasting solution, to become our own saviors of the world, which is what the word sovereign actually means. Human creative energy got us into this mess, and only our creative energy will get us out, ensuring that future generations live in a world of light and life.

Note about corporations: Corporations have become vilified within the truth movement, usually for good reasons. Most of the horrors of this world came about as a result of a corporate entity of some kind. But a corporation in and of itself is not evil, it is merely a tool of manifestation, and like all tools can be used wisely.

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Magic and Ritual Decoded | The Science of Ritual Magic in Theory and Practice

Here’s a common definition:

a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity.

A company or group that acts as a single entity could be any cooperative or co-creative undertaking. The thing that authorizes the act is consent, or participation. Let’s consider a very simple example.

Imagine a group of people want to meet at a restaurant for dinner. They send an email invitation out and each person then sends a reply saying that they will attend. Then they all meet at the location and have dinner.

In this example, when each person voiced their approval of the proposed plan, they gave their consent which authorized the group undertaking. And by virtue of their participation they all act as a single entity. Clearly there is nothing inherently evil or corrupt about participating in a group activity.

Phonetically, the word corporation can break down into two other words, corporeal-oration. Corporeal means, consisting of material objects or a body, and oration means, a formal speech, usually at a ceremony. Combine the two together to form the definition: to make real or create a body by speaking. And considering we enter into cooperative undertakings (corporations) by making a verbal or written declaration of our intent, our energy literally breathes life into an imaginary, fictitious entity: the group or corporation. By imaginary I mean that the group only exists as a singular thing within the mind, there is no objective attribute that creates the boundary conditions of individuality, such as a living biological body, like a human being.

Corporations may not be real in the sense that a human being is real, but the fruit of a co-creative undertaking or corporation is very real. And this is where the risk of error or evil comes in. When the goal of the group undertaking is nefarious or immoral, when the goal harms another sovereign being, then there are serious consequences to participating in it. And if we do not voice our disapproval for group undertakings that are immoral, we acquiesce to that entities agenda. 

This is why understanding our relationship to government is so important. Our actions, or lack thereof, our participation, our vote or consent literally breathes life into the matrix of control, tyranny, and oppression. In this sense, there are no true bystanders, there are either people working for tyranny or there are people working for freedom. And once we recognize this truth, we can then take steps to change, and that is what is the most important thing we can do. 

The people have lost touch with each other, and our innate ability to solve our own problems, without having to blindly trust a government. Working with our fellows to restore balance and freedom to this world will be the challenge of challenges, but we are uniquely empowered to do it. Unity on the big issues is what matters, so let’s do our best to let go of trivial things that keep us divided, so we can start to consent to truth, freedom, and prosperity, instead of the lesser of two evils.

– Justin

SOURCE with thanks

From Doreen

Principle of Mentalism: My own uncertainty, and people disagreeing about whether to vote or not, led me on Nov 04, 2016 before sleep to ask within for guidance about the 2016 election. To vote or not to vote was my question. Early morning I received the following video and transcribed part of it, which I perceive as a response.

U.S. Elections “November Chaos”: What You’re Not Being Told

Published on Nov 4, 2016

The FBI’s October surprise has thrown the 2016 election into November chaos. But an examination of the trigger mechanism behind this event reveals a deeper layer of manipulation by the media and financial interests behind the election.

7:47 James C
What we are witnessing is not an election as understood by a naive and well meaning public, not the election of an all powerful President who single handed will determine the future course of the united States and global hegemony.

What we are seeing is a power struggle of powerful elites who are backing different sides of an already rigged process to legitimize a foreign policy agenda, controlled not from the White House but from the real centers of power in the military industrial complex, the intelligence apparatus, Wall Street, and all the others places where the shadow government resides.

In this struggle of competing power factions for their preferred candidate we can start to understand what the agenda entails and where the U.S. as a country and the U.S. led world order as a whole is being steered.

As usual, the agenda of that deep state is in complete opposition to everything the public as a whole desires, regardless of the political lens through which they view this Selection.

8:55 Michael C
The elites certainly foresee an economic crisis b/c in a sense, they have the instruments to trigger an economic crisis, and they also speculate on the results of an election either up or down; what we call pump and dump. They are in the process of preparing the agenda for global warfare, how that will unfold is difficult to foresee but there is confrontation between Russia and the united States, ongoing war in the Middle East, there are trade agreements being negotiated leading to the formation of large trading blocks, which are controlled ultimately by U.S. imperial power. The integration of NAFTA and the European Union is an ongoing process as well. TPP, the Asia Pacific Project, all of these are interrelated, and the question is, “What kind of presidency would be best to endorse that project?”

There are also important divisions within the elites. There are certainly interest groups which don’t want to follow that course. What we have to address is one of the conflicts internally, within those elite groups, why all of a sudden is there a shift away from Hillary. Is that shift away from Hillary supportive of a Trump presidency, which is also subject to control and manipulation and so on, or alternatively are these elites thinking about something else, which could be the transition, not immediately, towards a martial law situation?

11:06 James C
Foreign wars, economic disruption, civil unrest, martial law. All of these are scenarios that are in the cards, and in the battle over issues like Clinton’s email server, we see the foreshadowing of issues that will be used to lead the U.S. into further chaos in the years to come.

In his book, The Globalization of War, Michael Chossudovsky addresses the threat of nuclear war, destabilization of foreign countries, and the movement to resist this world-wide aggression.  [END]

Energy, Frequency, Vibration

I perceive revelations about Clinton criminality, attempted take-over of America, great fraud, depopulation, debt slavery, etc., are unprecedented potential to set ourselves free and end the need to caution one another about possible danger.

Human unawareness, incompetency, lack of self governance and corrective action, ensure rulers remain in power as the balancing force to our  ignorance.

Since the rulers know there is only one Power to create, a.k.a. God, responding in kind  to the vibratory frequency of human freewill choices, what if disclosure of Clinton et al criminality, and a manufactured shift away from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, are fundamentally about energy, frequency, and vibration?

The more that humans cycle in fear, anger, hate, judgment, and separation, the lower our vibratory frequency, which is dense energy that blocks the light of higher awareness [solutions] from flowing into the world; just like chemical toxins discharged from aircraft block vital sun light from reaching Earth. [As within so without?]

In other words, the rulers are manufacturing conditions for humans to dis-empower ourselves, block solutions, and combined with our freewill consent vote, their global governance, debt slavery agenda is ’empowered’ into physical reality; with and without a presidential candidate’s awareness.

To Vote or Not To Vote?

We are the ones we are waiting for to set ourselves free through knowledge, discernment, self governance [internal control], and wise action to right the wrongs, which end millennia of external forms of ruler control.

If you will, contemplate all the above, research this and other Blogs regarding inhumane acts by church and state, and go within to ask for clarity and guidance, especially if you live in America. Give thanks for a response before it shows up, and pay close attention when it does. Please share this information widely and thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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