“You Want to Be Free? By-Pass Temptation to Vote” OR Vote Intentionally

By Anna Von Reitz

I have explained this until I am blue in the face.
If you are an average, every day American State National, you can’t vote in any of these elections.
Why?  Because all the elections on offer are foreign elections. 
They are private corporate elections, despite appearing to be public elections.
And as of 1868, the rats responsible made it illegal for you to vote in their elections.
The Municipality of Washington DC is run as an independent international city state and functions as an plenary oligarchy run by the member of Congress.  All municipal US CITiZENS are slaves to the government.  They can vote.
The District of Columbia is run as a democracy, part of the United States of America (Minor)—- a “union” of “American states” formed by the District of Columbia calling itself the State of New Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia and all the “State of State” franchises, like the “State of Florida” associated with this foreign government.  All “United States Citizens” are British Subjects.  They can vote.
But these are not your elections.
You are responsible for being ‘self-governing’, so if you want to elect people to public office, you have to fill the vacated public offices yourselves by holding your own elections locally, statewide, and nationally.
This entire sideshow in Washington, DC, has nothing to do with you, and even if you could lawfully vote in their elections, your vote wouldn’t count.  Their votes don’t count, either.  It just makes them feel better that they get to do a Straw Poll and say who they like better.

Whoever their new “President” is, he or she has already been elected by the Electoral College.  There is absolutely no reason to go to the polls November 8.

And there are very good reasons to stay away.
1. If you want to live as a free man or woman, that is, as an American State National, why would you agree to give up that status and function as a United States Citizens (or worse, “citizen of the United States”) for the sake of participating in a Straw Poll?
2. Knowing now that their 14th Amendment makes it illegal for you to vote in their elections, why would you break the law and insist on doing so?
3. Continuing to vote in their private corporate and foreign elections distracts you from the urgent necessity of filling your own vacated public offices and wastes your time and money.
4. Participating in their elections makes you responsible for them and their behavior, because even though your choices were pink horse hunks and blue horse hunks, you actually voted “for” one or the other, and become complicit in what these animals do or fail to do.

5. In order for their rotten “democracy” to have a lawful mandate, they need 51% of the population of eligible voters to vote and they never get close to that.  So let them sit there and spin without a mandate and call them on it every step and every time they try to enforce anything.

No point in giving private corporate interests your car keys when you know from experience that they specialize in driving into ditches and crashes.

SOURCE with thanks http://www.paulstramer.net/2016/10/you-want-to-be-free-by-pass-temptation.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+http%2Fpaulstramerfee

From Doreen

If you choose to vote please vote intentionally

In other words, your ‘consent’ is freewill Power creating reality so before you check the ballot set an intention.

What do you want to create with your vote?

Choose one or more intentions not just for yourself for all, and amplify them with deep feelings.

Imagine, sense, feel your intentions as if they are already created. 

Suggestions: a new era of freedom, reconnecting with Spirit to heal the past with ease and grace that allows greater well being, peace, safe healthy food, safe fresh air, safe clean water, prosperity, unity consensus, the end of presumed authority by church and state,  justice, equality, self empowerment, self governance, profound respect for one another, Earth, and all kingdoms, etc.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


About Doreen Agostino

Resolution Guide, Author, Radio Host, Emissary of Greater Well-being, Freedom, and Natural Law; do no harm and do not allow others to harm.
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