Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts – Black Budget Election Gambit

Very educational interview before the Nov 08, 2016  united States election …..

Catherine Austin Fitts gives a breakdown of where the Black Budget, Deep State forces have placed their hopes in the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, in Part 2 of Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt’s interview with her about the 2016 Presidential Election.

Fitts describes “Elite Panic” within the network that includes the Bush Political Family, Goldman Sachs, Neocon Militarists and Corporate Globalists. The Mainstream Media has demonstrated that they’re in the tank for a Clinton Presidency that will continue the destructive policies of financial harvesting by the banks, deranged State secrecy and aggressive militarism all over the world.

Fitts sees the election as a battle between to Human vs. Inhuman, with the population being weaponized against itself, with wedges being insinuated between demographic groups of men/women, black/white, rich/poor, to distract from the colossal financial fraud and political corruption that’s going on.

Confidence in the Mainstream Media has unravelled, with it unrelenting propaganda and its failure to practice journalism, revealing it for the branch of the Corporatist State that it is. The ruthless targeting of Trump demonstrates that he represents a threat to the Deep State, which has been working for decades to create a Totalitarian Globalist government.

The Hacktivist group, Anonymous, which provided WikiLeaks with the Podesta emails has claimed that all of the 33k Bleach Bit-deleted emails will similarly be released by tomorrow, November 1st, and they promise that this will be: “…the complete undoing of the Democratic Party. We are purposely holding them back so that they don’t have time to replace Hillary.” In addition to the emails, Anonymous says that there are 6 videos, one “…that documents Hillary slandering and being racist toward a female African-American, the amount of hatred seen on her face…will be worse than 100 Trump tapes.”

Other tapes being released promise to “…destitute any faith left in the Democratic Party, specifically with HRC’s campaign. We have them committing felonies on camera, the kind that we have [already] released will look like a j-walking ticket (bribes and threats) to control the media and election officials.”

There are rumors on online forums that Anonymous hackers released thousands of emails to both WikiLeaks and to the FBI, as a multifaceted tactic to fully expose Hillary Clinton and to get the case against her re-opened.

SOURCE with thanks http://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/dark-journalist-catherine-austin-fitts-black-budget-election-gambit/

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