Trump Has A Greenlight From The US Military-Intelligence Services

Part I
Catherine Austin Fitts:

Catherine Austin Fitts told Greg Hunter that Donald Trump could not go after Hillary without the permission of the US Military and Intelligence services. She also said that her personal experience with Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Charlie Black convinces her that Trump has the best men in American politics at dishing dirt. Catherine is a former managing partner at Dillon Read Investment Bank and served as Housing Commissioner under George H W Bush. Catherine suffered from excessive honesty and was run out of Washington. She was subsequently been sued and investigated at least 19 times.

Nobody seems to understand the significance of Trump having a Greenlight.


$8.5 trillion has gone ‘missing’ from the Pentagon budget since 1996. That is trillions of dollars taken from taxpayers’ pockets under Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama.

The US Military has been asked to fight wars against ISIS and Al Qaeda even though we have funded them contrary to US law. It has been illegal since 911 to give aid to Al Qaeda. ISIS is Al Qaeda in Iraq. And Al Nusra is Al Qaeda in Syria. Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and most members of the House and senate are guilty of treason.

The US Military might like to scale back form overseas commitments when they know for certain that we will also be asking them to stop Nationwide Food Riots at home.

We have never before experienced a political and economic volcano of this magnitude. READ more at

Part II

Next 90 Days: A Depression, A War, An Assassination, Martial Law?


America is entering the most volatile and dangerous period in its 240 year history. Unfortunately for the 7 billion others who share the earth with us, we have a nasty habit of making our problems their reality.

I can just about guarantee martial law as soon as the Dollar Dies.

Hint: Think of the stock and bond markets as huge stadiums with 50,000 people inside them and only one exit which only allows one person every 2 seconds out of the single turnstile. Imagine a fire breaks out and everyone wants out at the same time. Not going to be a pretty sight.

Catherine Austin Fitts in her latest interview with Greg Hunter said the Elite stole $50 trillion from us since the Clintons took office. I would ask you whether or not you think the Bankers will willingly surrender control of the Cash Cow that is Washington DC? Ask yourself if they would be willing to pay the media billions of dollars every year to lie to you? If they are willing to kill people in foreign lands to get their oil, wouldn’t they be willing to Kill Americans to keep the tens of trillions of dollars they stole from us?

There is cause for hope.

There are limits to the amount of theft voters will tolerate. Brexit probably would have won by an even greater number if they had an honest count but at least they won the battle. READ more at

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