November 2016 – The Great Dovetail by Carl Boudreau

Newly Discovered Celestial Bodies and The Oligarchic Alignment

Carl Boudreau·Monday, October 24, 2016

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Last month I described what was happening with a waning astrological configuration dating back to the early 1970s, the “oligarchic alignment.” It is breaking up in a series of very gradual planetary shifts.

As it breaks up, the globe’s oligarchies are ever so gradually breaking up. This gradual breakup is accompanied by critical levels of social, cultural, economic and political strain. These shifts have brought improvement in energetic conditions, but this improvement has been agonizingly gradual and slow when measured against the need.

Many are still experiencing, or only slowly recovering from, critical, life-changing events in family, relationship, health and work areas. Or they are still experiencing interminable delays in their quest for relief. Outer turmoil is accompanied by high levels of inner, psychospiritual turmoil. The combination of inner and outer difficulties is proving wearisome.

Newly Discovered Celestial Bodies and The Oligarchic Alignment

During the life of the oligarchic alignment, astronomers discovered a series of previously unknown large asteroids, or small planets. Each newly discovered asteroid represents a new set of archetypal principles that affect our collective aspirations on an all but instinctive level. They complicate the task of recovery and reform.

They become principles that we must now factor into all our choices and build into custom and tradition. They manifest as additional reasons for political disquiet and motives for societal reform.

The following list is not exhaustive:

Chiron (1977), Pholus (1992), Nessus (1993), Chariklo (1997), Varuna (2000), Ixion (2001), Quaoar (2002), Sedna (2003), Orcus (2004), Eris (2005).

All of these bodies are new to astronomy and to astrology. With the exception of Chiron, perhaps, and certain other newly discovered bodies, there is not a lot that can be said about them with either clarity or certainty.

Their official discovery, however, justifies the assumption that new archetypal issues are emerging in collective awareness, or old ones are coming to the fore and gaining in importance.

Their emerging influence would help account for the sheer number and density of the challenges we are encountering during this transition.

Mars in Aquarius might very well put the scent of revolution in the air. READ more at

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