RED WHITE AND DEAD: To The Unaware, The Trusting, The Innocent Ones


I’m not talking here to the committed Lib or Conserve. I’m talking to YOU—the unsuspecting, the trusting, the innocent, who think either this election won’t matter or that you should vote Democrat because you or your family always do. YOU—who ‘just want to get on with’ your life, because you think you are okay and your family is okay, and, as Rush says, you’re eating, and you have a cellphone, and medical is expensive but so what you won’t even need it. I’m talking to YOU who need to understand that your way of life is about to fricking die, and maybe you and your entire family, along with it.(Me, Santa Fe, October 15, 2016)

For once I agree with our President-With-Three-Arabic-Names.; Barack Hussein Obama:  “There has to be…some sort of way in which we can sort through information that passes some basic truthiness tests, and those that we have to discard because they just don’t have any basis in anything that’s actually happening….”

I would recommend banning all lying media, and then ban all lying media from all media

I would recommend starting by banning the Liar, his lying, social-warrior irregulars,  and his lying, magical Master of the Sith—Lord Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Because they have YOU sewn up in a burlap bag with cats, dogs, a chimpanzee, a raccoon, and lies, lies, lies. They make you think that you’re okay and the world is okay. And you are somehow a true believer and Hillary will save us and Donald trump is the Devil. Well, when you and your burlap bag sink in their river of deceit, let’s see if their lies will bring you back to the surface and rescue. I doubt it. Because they don’t actually need you.

What can you do?

I would recommend banning all lying media, and then ban all lying media from all media

That would clear up the lying “air” pollution and lack of Obama’s stated, “truthiness” immediately.

Then I would recommend we start over, using the First Amendment as originally intended by those who in 1776 pledged to America, their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

Because today, NOTHING is sacred, and any idea of honor or chivalry is dead. It’s now all about the fortunes. Theirs.

It’s political correctness. The self-installing, self-perpetuating, self-evident jailer and Enforcer billeted deep inside your brain

The only thing that really matters to Them are the personal fortunes of politicians, media talking-mouths, and—as Michael Savage says—their “Maoist-style,” militant, social warrior irregulars.

Whatever They say is true, is true; whatever they say is not true, is not true. Because they control all social, media, and cultural reins that create or annihilate whatever words or meanings they choose. This is classic, Soviet mind control, to keep you from even HAVING thoughts that they don’t regulate and control.

It’s political correctness. The self-installing, self-perpetuating, self-evident jailer and Enforcer billeted deep inside your brain.

On pain of destruction, you are required to say politically correct things like, “African American.” Or “Native American.”

What if they are African but not American? What if they are Somali, Haitian, or fricking Chinese Negroes? The media will still refer to them as African American. Just like they always say, “Shots rang out,” and “tragedy struck,” and “if _____ has his way.”

These are pre-canned lines and labels. They are not thoughts, research, or news.

Oh. And when did saying, “Negro” become punishable to obliteration?

Fricking WORDS—words, words, words, controlled by the crazed social media irregulars

The same thing applies to “Native American,” referring to the Mongoloid Asian wanderers who got here from someplace fricking else. Try saying or publishing, “Indian,” and see what happens next.

And make no mistake. I hold NOTHING against ANYONE because of the color of their skin. This is about fricking WORDS—words, words, words, controlled by the crazed social media irregulars who are poised always, everywhere, to leap from behind cover as “protectors,” and coil into their real role as Enforcers and social media hired guns.

And it all exists for you. And because of you, because you have let them rule you through fear or innocence. Either way, in the end, you may lose everything you and your family have, including your lives.

SO, LISTEN UP, and decide for yourself.

Deliberate obfuscations created and driven by the Democrat Left to suppress Truth

There are deliberate obfuscations created and driven by the Democrat Left to suppress Truth—and therefore to suppress American Justice and Tradition. Here’s an illustrative example of word-suppression and mind-control which you might have already thought about, but might have found yourself censoring yourself in the name of “fairness,” which is actually only a political correction—political correctness. “Here is the connection between the multiplication of pronouns and the efforts to suppress truths about sex. The inventors of such ugly and meaningless [so-called, ‘transgender’] collocations as “xe” and “zir” do not want to enrich the language, and they do not want us to probe more deeply and sensitively into the [beautiful] realities of male and female. They want to impoverish the language and to prevent us from acknowledging things about men and women….

“…Ordinary people get many things wrong, but they are not motivated by hatred of reality. They are too ordinary for that…They can imagine wanting to tear down a building because it is useless or ugly or dangerous. They cannot imagine wanting to tear down a building because it is beautiful. They cannot imagine anyone else wanting to do such a thing, either…..”

This is crucial: the ordinary person—the average American—cannot even imagine that a President or “society” might actually want to tear down and destroy that very society and culture. That they might want to replace it with a world of false realities and neverending propaganda. And for that they need YOU, as their Manchurian Candidate assassin, enforcer, and engine of destruction.

“Who, me? You’re crazy, Jeff! I’m a lover not a fighter. I just want to live my life and let those other idiots fight it out; it won’t affect me. I’m voting Hillary…or maybe I just won’t even vote.”

This idea—that Obama and the Democrats want to “fundamentally transform” and thereby also inherently destroy America—seems so totally alien to most ordinary people that they are incapable of believing such a thing. They would not even trust their own eyes and ears.

In fact, the very idea may seem so insane and unbelievable as to be automatically labeled by a heavily inculcated, prison-planet mindset, as being automatically wrong-think. This idea is preprogrammed in many brains, like maybe yours,  to be labeled and loathed automatically as the dreaded, “conspiracy theory,” black helicopter mindset, or even demonic “claptrap.”


If it’s a REAL conspiracy, then it ain’t no fricking THEORY!

WHY would anyone—ANYONE—spread such stinking, evil sludge to ripen among us in our very own individual brains?

Why? To fool you; to control you; to own you; to take away from you everything that is yours, including your life, liberty, happiness, freedom of speech, and anything else which They need or want or desire.

You are like a farm animal to Them.

Why? “The first answer is that the confusion redounds to the benefit of the self-confused, who get to compel other people to play along with their idiosyncratic dreams of unreality.

“The second answer is that…college professors, directors of the hideously named ‘human resources’” compliance lawyers, federal bureaucrats, and captains of monoform diversity…They poison one well, station a surveillance team around the others, and force you to drink from theirs—levying severe fines on you if you try to dip your pitcher into healthy water. They seek confusion and confrontation, because those bring them money and power.

“But the third answer, I think, brings us nearest to the heart of the issue. The sexual revolution always has been a war waged against the ordinary family, against the ordinary ways of men and women and children. The moral law as regards sex is meant to protect that family from threats without and within…If a man’s home was his castle, then the walls round that castle were his people’s understanding of the moral law and the customs that gave the law vigor and force.

“Who then would benefit by riddling the walls with holes? All people who could not, because of their own failings and vices, enjoy the good of family life; all people who saw the family as the great opponent in the way of their statist ambitions; all rebels against Nature….”

“…Do not dismiss [these word] wars as nonsense. Do not assume that the warriors are merely daft. Do not mistake the pale horse and its rider for snowflakes or…anything else that is soft and inoffensive and trivial. The pale horse and its rider aim to destroy.”

This so-called, “modern” society of popular culture (pop-culture) is a neverending tsunami of lies, garbage, and cheap sensationalism. The wetter, the better. For the benefit of the media.

Stories are created and driven by social warrior irregulars. A woman who is obviously extremely ill, is praised as being healthy. She’s so healthy she even wrote (and deleted) some 30,000 e-mails about her fricking yoga? A fly lands on her brow as if following the smell of putrescence or something demonic and it is hailed as a “native American” good luck event. By the media.

Her falls and fails and miraculous recoveries are so prevalent and storied that her opponent has to call for drug testing. And is attacked mercilessly by the media.

** And here’s the point, kids: THIS is why I’m writing to you. Please try to understand this: Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama each step closer to thermonuclear war every day—as in obliterating two entire countries— but America is CONSUMED by Donald Trump grabbing somebody’s rear. Thanks to the media.

The media does NOT want you to understand the real world. They want you to be distracted and concentrate on the evil of Trump. It matters NOT that Obama laughingly displayed his fricking SHLONG, to a plane full of giggling, adoring, school girl “reporters.” TRUMP SAID SOMETHING BAD, and so he’s the psychopath.

I mean, YOU never said anything like trump said, right?

Oh. Have you ever displayed your shlong to a bunch of women? Don’t.

Are you scared of your media, your President, and the mad-dog, social warrior irregulars who surveil you, threaten you, and imprison you inside your own mind?

In this Matrix world of falsified realities, lies, and scripted scenarios and teleprompter wisdom—it’s WHATEVER the fanatic, Marxist, Islamist, Globalist, agendized media says is true, is true. Because the media says it’s true.

Everything that SHOULD be—is not.

Whatever should NOT be—is.

Express.Co.UK, October 16, 2016: “Potatoes and cereals are health risks, while dairy is good for you, says new study. POTATOES and cereals increase the risk of heart disease while high fat dairy products cut the risk, according to a new study which rejects accepted wisdom on a healthy diet.”

Are you scared, yet?

Are you scared of your media, your President, and the mad-dog, social warrior irregulars who surveil you, threaten you, and imprison you inside your own mind?

If you’re scared, then do NOT vote for the Democrat Left, and do NOT fail to vote for the last, great hope of Earth—Donald Trump. READ his actual speeches, not what the Godless, cursed media SAYS he said. View his videos to see what he has said, and how he has said it.

Check these things for yourself, because that way it will be more believable to you—or not. Do NOT leave this to Wolf, Rachel, Jake, Bill, Megan, or Whoever—now, with mere days left to go—let us see that raging bull inside of YOU.

But come out of your flower pot; be brave, courageous, and bold; stand up and proclaim you’re alive, that you have a destiny, and that….




“Neo: Why do my eyes hurt?
“Morpheus: You’ve never used them before.” The Matrix, 1999

SOURCE with thanks

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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