How To Change Reality Through A Special Kind of Prayer

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When we are facing a negative situation, we may be depressed or angry or scared about a reality we experience.  Without knowing that everything is connected through an “energy field” we all live in, we don’t know that our feelings are supporting the “energy field” to keep reflecting the negative situation.  We don’t know that we have power in our bodies, through our beliefs and emotions to send powerful messages to the energy field to reflect back a different reality.

Those heart-felt messages are not about asking for things to change because the energy field will hear “not yet changed, not yet changed” and reflect that.  Instead the message is that what we want is  already there and our emotions tell the universe, the energy field, just that, only that.

It is a form of praying that was actually taken from us in the 4th century by the Catholic church.  Because we have not been aware of this form of prayer, we keep praying ineffectively, not understanding we have the ability to change reality through our bodies.

In this video, you can see just such a change in reality.

How is it possible we can change reality?  Dr. John Hagelin a nuclear physicist explains how we create a ripple effect in the field of unity.  He is describing a quantum effect.  It is not easy to take in because we are used to feeling powerless, but, in fact, we have quantum power to change reality.  In combination with others, the effect is not additional or multiplied, it is exponentially larger.  When we bring our consciousness together, human beings are actually a million times stronger than the nuclear force.

Native Americans know how to affect the field of consciousness, the energy field, through what we would call prayer.

But western and non-indigenous people pray for something “please to happen.”  In doing so, they are telling the universe, this has “not happened yet, not happened yet, not happened yet,” and that is what is reflected back to them.

Indigenous people don’t do that.  They engage the universe by FEELING that what they want is already there. [Imagine, sense, feel peace rather than pray ‘for’ peace. Doreen].

People who want a different reality need see it as “already there” and have the feeling and emotions that go along with that reality.

If we know how to speak to the universe in the language that it hears, and if we synchronized with others using this form of prayer, the effect would be powerful.

Gregg Braden says that two sentences which explain how to make prayer powerful were removed from the Bible.  John 16 23-24 only shows part of what the original text was.  In the 4th century, the Catholic Church removed those two sentences, which were the key instructions for effective prayer.  The current Bible is an edited version, that mentions prayer but is absent the knowledge people need to pray effectively.

What the Catholic Church did is a bit like giving mankind a car to take it everywhere and then telling mankind “Go head and sit in it and ask it over and over again, to go.”  But those in power removed the key…

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From Doreen

The Vatican and The Jesuits

By papal ‘bull’, all humans regardless of color, race, creed, religious beliefs, origin, etc. are defined legally as ‘animals’.

The Kingpins of the dark matrix are the JESUITS a.k.a. Society of Jesus.

Absolute-temporal-ruling power has always been the Vatican institution’s primary objective.

The Jesuits control the 1% who enslaves the 99% … with our consent.

The Jesuit Order is since 1814 in complete control of the – obscenely wealthyVatican institution (and its Catholic clergy hierarchy) and presently also controls various other organizations together with the Military Order of Malta, such as:

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Historic Information  


Here is the KEY to start your car … Knowledge Empowers You

Engage the facts and after doing your own due diligence, pass information to others so that more people pray, and pray effectively, to empower change that sets us all free.

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