3RD Debate: Hillary Against The Truth Not Trump: LIVE STREAMED

Serco’s Zulu MH Way Points – Clinton’s 8(a) Kill List – Conair FLICKER VERTIGO Bridge Crash

Watch FLICKER VERTIGO: Truth Ends Hillary’s Charade Before 3rd Debate

Serco used ad hoc way points to crash MH Flight 17. In 1997, Serco 8(a) companies began downloading USIS kill lists from OPM onto a private server network used to neutralize whistleblowers to trafficking in drugs, weapons and children by the Clinton Foundation. Serco has been using modified “Conair” planes to relay signals over the FBCA to put pilots into a flicker-vertigo trance before they crash. Field McConnell has briefed Trump on how to test Hillary’s resistance to remotely-induced…

Recording of Livestream Oct 13.16

From Field McConnell mailto:fieldmcc@yahoo.com
BAKER’S DOZEN.  This is a  list of the 13 ( now more ) airliners attacked by the devices that I have informed FAA and FBI of going back to 1989.  The device is BUGS S01 E03 and was in the hands of Hillary Clinton and Kristine Marcy from December, 1988 onward.  It was used on 9/11 as well as on all of the BAKER’S DOZEN.  My warning to FAA, dated 10 Dec 2006, is archived here:  2006 Letter to Kenneth J. Hylander—Vice President—Safety, Engineering & Chief Safety Officer, NW Airlines


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