Deutsche Bank: The Lehman Brothers of 2016

The Controlled Demolition of Deutsche Bank And Financial Collapse Of Europe


The September 15th collapse of Lehman Brothers
in 2008 was a perfectly controlled demolition

Deutsche Bank will experience a similar controlled demolition in October 2016

Insider “Deutsche Bank COLLAPSE Tomorrow – Friday 9-30-2016” – Will Wipe out banking system worldwide!

The Millennium Report

Very few are aware that the stock market crash of 2008, which officially began with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, was a perfectly controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System.  The back story is rather long and complicated but the following narrative nicely delineates all the key bullet points of what began the engineered Great Recession.

The PRE-PLANNED Financial and Economic 9/11 of 2008

The preceding link is essential reading for anyone looking to understand what is soon to transpire throughout the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS) in 2016.

There is one major difference between now and 2008.  The whole GE&FS is in much more dire shape than it was 8 years ago.  That’s because there were no serious efforts to fix any of the systemic problems; nor was there any sincere intention to address the root causes of the continuing Great Recession.  As a result, the now infamous can was kicked down the road for 8 more years.

The Great Recession That Began in 2008: A Fabricated Event

All of the financial destruction and economic downturns since 2007 have been meticulously engineered. Now there will be a replay of 2008/2009, except that the effects will be far more severe this time around because of the massive derivative exposure that many of the TBTF banks have since taken on.

There are many other factors which will make 2008 look like a kindergarten party by comparison.  The fact that debt — in all of its various forms — has ballooned to levels never seen on this planet is a HUGE contributing factor to the coming collapse.  Sovereign debt, national debt, corporate debt, credit card debt, school loan debt, etc. are all at record highs and increasing by the day. READ more at

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The Super Shemitah ends on Elul 29, Sunday Oct 02, 2016. More to follow.

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