Reply to Aptly Named ‘Son of Wind’ from Anna von Reitz

by Anna Von Reitz

What do we know about “Judge Anna’s Courtroom” is that it is a courtroom serving an American Common Law Court and on occasion as an Article X Federal Court.  It is very simple and has no trappings, no bench perched on high for the judge to be separated and held aloft over the people, no gallery, no bar, no pomp and circumstance or false symbolic religiosity whatsoever.

My courtroom has four tables, eight chairs, a speaker system and room for guests, but quite often we hold court wherever we happen to have an appointment to hold court.  We have held court in the lobby of office buildings. We have held court on docks.  We have held court in airport concourses.  Such is the nature of the American Common Law and American Common Law Courts.

This is because our court system is a system that serves the needs of the people, not the needs of the court.

What you will find in Judge Anna’s Court wherever it may be held is a plain and simple copy of the King James Bible and an American Civil Flag.

And why is that?  Because in the American System of things, the court doesn’t support any god-like superiority of any judge, but instead venerates the source of the Law of the Land —– the Bible and especially the Ten Commandments that Jews, Christians, and Muslims have at least tried to obey and held as standards of behavior for roughly 4,000 years.

This is also why (for those old enough to remember this) the Judges in American Courts always came into the courtroom carrying a copy of the King James Bible.  This is why the Clerk always said, “All rise!” when the Judge appeared in shows like “Perry Mason”—–not because the Judge came into the room, but because the Bible entered the room with the Judge, carried in his hand.

It would be ignorant to think that the Law of the Land or any other form of Law is separate from the religious beliefs, conscience, and ethics that give it birth, meaning and reality, and it would also be ignorant to suppose that the American Common Law can be practiced without a thorough understanding of the Bible and its precepts.  That would be like drinking milk without the necessity of a cow.

Yes, I do keep harping on the necessity of returning to the land jurisdiction, because it is only as a man — not as a corporation— that we have life and can claim the traditions, treaties, property, rights and all else that we are heir to.

The Law of the Sea was never designed to serve the needs of people, but rather designed to make people serve the needs of kings.  As a result, it reduces men to things—-corporations, offices, job descriptions, and calls them “human resources”.   The King and his Proxies— the judges known as “chancellors” are placed high above mere commoners, because of their office and their loyalty to the King, not because of their moral character or their religious tenets.

And all the “gibberish” I am afraid, comes only from the Son of Wind.  The jurisdiction of the land does exist outside the courthouse and inside the courthouse, too, to the extent that that courthouse is not rented or owned by the foreign Admiralty court inhabiting it.  When they rent a place it becomes “theirs” in the sense that any habitation is possessed for the use of a renter, and when they own the deed it is no different from any other private leasehold.

The Bar Association operates under a Treaty like any other agency of a foreign government.  The most recent Treaty is The Bar Association Treaty of 1947, which they regularly dishonor.  They are allowed to operate their foreign courts on our soil as a result.  So it isn’t that our land jurisdiction magically disappears, it’s that it is waived under treaty— to allow them to establish their foreign courts on our land, in the exact same way as a foreign embassy is established.

What Son of Wind (a very apt name) calls the “STATUS QUO” court and accuses of tricking people into contract is in fact a private service employed by corporations to settle disputes.  When such a COURT sends out a “summons” it is making an “offer” which you can refuse by returning a “counter offer”.  You never have to step foot in their courtroom or enter their jurisdiction at all.

Yet, here is “Son of Wind” jumping up and down and screaming “Rape!” —–?  This pre-supposes that in spite of all the information I and others have offered him, Son of Wind is not capable of saying, “I am not the DEFENDANT being addressed and I do not voluntarily represent this ACCOUNT, but if the COURT wishes my assistance to settle the referenced matter, I charge $5000 per hour or part of an hour for this service, payable when rendered, and require that the Clerk prepare and send me all the proper vouchers and Standard Forms including the reports required by the IRS before I visit the court.  Please advise if my help is needed .”

And then Son of Wind is wondering who is in charge of his town, where he lives—–?    He wants me to tell him?

Who, indeed, is in charge of his town, if he and the other people who live there are not running their own affairs?  And whose fault is that?  As I have said before, self-governance requires your participation.  You can’t hire someone to be you.  It’s like going to the bathroom.  Or turning 70.  There are some duties you literally cannot hand over to proxies.

When the organizations functioning as “county” and “state” governments decided to incorporate themselves they left the jurisdiction of the land behind and vacated all their public offices.  This is because the moment you incorporate anything, it begins functioning in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  The abdication of these organizations didn’t destroy the jurisdiction of the land or invalidate the public offices—- it simply vacated those offices.  So what needs to happen?  Obviously, new organizations need to be formed to fill the vacated public offices and to enforce the public law again, and those organizations can’t operate as incorporated franchises of any other level of government.  They have to stand on their own gritty little unincorporated Body Politic feet.

This is no “mumbo-jumbo”.  This is fact.  This is how jurisdiction works.  This is the way it has always worked.

I would be the exact last person in the world to defend the criminality and corruption and godlessness and moral turpitude of the court systems operating in this country today, but I am also not here to defend ignorance, paranoia, laziness, or lack of initiative.

Son of Wind is another disillusioned armchair quarterback ranting about the “status quo” without the faintest idea of how we got into this mess and therefore, doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to get out, but he wants to sit around and gripe and complain and express his suspicions about anyone and everything—– including me.  And somehow, the rest of the people stand around and listen to him and then expect me to “answer” him when in reality, there is nothing of substance to answer.

He thinks that the court system we have is criminal.  So do I.  The difference is that I know exactly why and in what sense and in what ways it is malfunctioning.  I don’t have to stand in the rain and wave my arms.  And since I know what is wrong, and know how it came to be wrong, I am in a position to take action to fix it and teach others how to fix it, while all “Son of Wind” can do is blow more hot air in every direction.

The first step toward correcting any problem is to clearly define what the problem is.  Until you know what the problem is and what caused it, all you can do is what Son of Wind does—– rant about his stubbed toe, while continuing to stumble around in a dark room full of heavy furniture.  There may be many people in his exact same position and they may feel emotional sympathy with him as a result, but at a certain point they have to realize that what I say is true.

I may be the messenger and some people may want to shoot me rather than waking up and addressing the very real problems bearing down on our nation, but that doesn’t change a thing,  I am not here to convince anyone of anything. I am not here to babysit, or answer Son of Wind’s frequent rants.  I have brought forward the history and the information.  It’s up to the rest of you to dig in and see what you see for yourselves.


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