Building Gods Documentary – Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence and Nano Technology

From Doreen

During a rare and natural ‘shift’ Earth is passing through, planetary rulers [1%] need compliance by the 99% to gain 100% dominion over all humans, property, natural resources, and atmosphere.

To achieve total dominion rulers rely on public silence, fear, apathy, denial, ignoring facts, and inaction, which make humans complicit in empowering one world governance and total enslavement of our species.

Humans dis-empower themselves through devotion to mainstream media who distort and omit facts, violent entertainment that lowers immunity [life force energy], failing to check facts about subliminal messaging, fluoride, aspartame, wireless technology, toxic chemicals discharged from aircraft that block blue sky and sun, contaminate food, water and air. 

Unless the 99% expand their awareness, self govern, and pull together to end harm and prosecute the perpetrators, we risk becoming mindless, heartless, soulless, godless robotic slaves to the 1%.


This film by Ken Gumbs tackles the issue of pending greater-than-human artificial intelligence and the possible ramifications. Different individuals with different backgrounds are interviewed on the subject, including a theologian, a philosopher, a brain builder and a cyborg. A wide spectrum of topics are discussed, including trans-humanism, mind-machine mergers, uploading, and artificial super-intelligence.

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Building Gods Documentary – Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence and Nano Technology

Spiritual freedom vs. transhumanism

Planetary rulers frame their solutions as beneficial to humans or the environment when in fact the opposite is true. Smart meters installed on homes without permission are spy meters with the ability to govern who has access to utilities or not in the future. Robots in service to humanity are likely to slowly, steadily, and stealthily evolve to police, and enslave humans.

Excerpt from Inverted Totalitarianism link below
As long as passive individuals accept their subservient plight, the tyrants of the establishment culture will exploit the sheeple at every turn. Our unique existence justifies resistance to every form of tyranny that comes our way. Notwithstanding, this basic human and natural right; most citizens succumb to the mind meld of limited expectations.

The frightful consequences on the totalitarian society rest upon the shoulders of each person who refuses to challenge the system. Resisting immoral authority is your primary civic duty. Our avowed responsibility is to abolish the corporate/sate and global governance that enslaves the planet.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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