By Diane Miller JD  September 9, 2016 – CDC has proposed a shocking new power grab over personal liberties

In response to the CDC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding Communicable Disease issued on August 15, 2016, and in response to the many inquiries to NHFA (National Health Freedom Action) and the many posts suggesting that the CDC has proposed a shocking new power grab over personal liberties we offer these comments.


Dear Colleagues:

You have asked for NHFA’s take on the CDC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Communicable Disease. Here is our take Please feel free to use this in part or in whole in any way you wish. I will share it with colleagues and we will most likely post it in an alert to our database next week.

Speak Up

NHFA encourages citizens and organization to ask for the immediate halt of this proposed rulemaking process until the CDC can design regulations that first and foremost protect the rights of all Americans in their self-determination and personal health privacy and liberty. NHFA encourages CDC to have regulations that do not misguide people or coerce them into agreements of compliance of federal recommendations while they are in crisis, or that infringe on the liberties and personal health privacy of people in their daily life events as they move about and travel. Regulations are needed that can address reasonable coping mechanisms for communicable diseases that involve immediate access to clean and healthful water, air, and environments, and access to the broad range of health care practitioners, products and options that individuals desire during a crisis to promote health and prevention. CDC must work to avoid forced treatments of any kind, always honoring informed consent principles of all individuals. And to utilize quarantine, isolation, and surveillance in the least restrictive mode and with full due process, as a very last resort in addressing communicable disease. Take action now while the CDC is still open to public comment (Comments are due 10/14/2016 at 11:59 PM EDT).

Best Regards,
Diane Miller JD
Director of Law and Public Policy
National Health Freedom Action
National Health Freedom Coalition

Other articles

The CDC medical police state: the right to detain anyone 

by Jon Rappoport

The CDC medical police state: the right to detain anyone

September 5, 2016

—Understand the implications of new CDC rules, if you want to know where the medical dictatorship is heading.

Arbitrary apprehension of citizens, detainment, forced medical treatment, vaccination.

Let me paint a scenario:

You live in a polluted city, so you have a low-level cough. On your flight to another state, the cough becomes worse because the air in the plane cabin is foul. Unknown to you, a passenger complains to a flight attendant. The passenger is a typical meddler. When you arrive at your destination, a health-agency employee is waiting at the gate for you. He apprehends you and takes you to a room, to decide whether you have a communicable disease. His first standard question—are you up to date on your vaccinations? And things go downhill from there… Read more


CDC declares medical police state, announces power to detain the sick and punish those who do not comply

(NaturalNews) Sinister, hidden motives are being revealed at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The agency recently announced a new invasive plan for the “control of communicable diseases,” by detaining people suspected of being ill and then forcibly medicating them against their will.

The CDC’s new proposal, published in the Federal Register [#2016-18103], will give the agency police state powers, permitting CDC officials to detain and forcibly inject chemicals into anyone they deem a threat to public health. There’s no rationale for such detainments either. According to the proposal, the “CDC defines precommunicable stage to mean the stage beginning upon an individual’s earliest opportunity for exposure to an infectious agent.”

Learn more:

ALERT: U.S. CDC Giving Itself Unconstitutional POWERS To Round Up And Detain Citizens En Masse Anytime, Anywhere And Throw Away The Key

By Catherine J. Frompovich

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention literally has overstepped its authority in proposing to grant itself powers that obviously negate any rights U.S. citizens thought they had by issuing the Proposed Rule “Control of Communicable Diseases” on August 15, 2016 wherein CDC willself-invest itself with the power to apprehend healthy people en masse and detain them indefinitely with NO process of appeal!

That mammoth proposed rule is published in the Federal Register [Federal Register Number: 2016-18103] online at this website. Before you read it, I suggest taking a very stiff shot of vodka or scotch, because you won’t believe what you read that is being proposed for what is supposed to be a non-communist country and its people, the USA!

Silence is implied or tacit consent

But, the CDC wants to hear your comments about the proposed rule, as if it really cares. Citizens should file your comments at this website before October 14, 2016! Officially, it’s Comment No. CDC-2016-0068-0001.

Read more:

From Doreen

Know Your Rights

From Anna von Reitz

We are American State Citizens on the land jurisdiction of The United States of America (Major) and we simply haven’t operated our own jurisdiction since 1860.

Strictly speaking they committed no treason but they have committed plenty of semantic deceit and fraud. It remains for us to exercise our jurisdiction on the land and to respect their jurisdiction on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways”—and keep them from “mistaking” us as one of their “US Citizens” or as any kind of Rebel they are authorized to chase down.

If you think about it you will realize that NO maritime or admiralty jurisdictions can ever apply to American State Citizens in the LAND–and you will also realize that statutory laws apply only to statutory entities that are created by statutes.

The rats have been routinely applying maritime and admiralty and statutory law to living American State Citizens because we have been too ignorant to know and to clearly declare who we are and invoke our own birthright standing. They have also promoted a lot of confusion via the use of similar names and the creation of “legal fiction” entities that are merely named after us and which are various kinds of incorporated legal fiction entities– trusts, estates, transmitting utilities, etc, that ARE subject to statutory law but which have nothing whatsoever to do with us. 

Learn more at


You can quote Anna von Reitz’s publications to educate CDC imposters, prove that ‘fraud vitiates all‘, quote the dangers of vaccines etc. in response to CDC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding Communicable Disease issued on August 15, 2016. Ask the CDC to identify someone to sign a ‘Conditional Acceptance’ form explained in the Jerry Day video below.

What matters most is that hundreds of thousands +++++ people are aware and speak up to un-consent.

Fraud Vitiates Everything

37 Am Jur 2d, Section 8, states, “Fraud vitiates every transaction and all contracts. Indeed, the principle is often stated, in broad and sweeping language, that fraud destroys the validity of everything into which it enters, and that it vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments.”


Houston City Council Testimony 08-30-16

CDC whistle blower Dr. William Thompson proved the CDC committed scientific fraud in the MMR autism study.

How to say NO to vaccinations and smart meters

Please share widely so that more people speak up wisely to shut the beast down!

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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