Hillary Clinton’s Life Under Dire Threat

Hillary’s Handlers Have Forced An
Advanced Parkinson’s Patient To
Run For President

Whoever controls the Clinton political dynasty must be exposed
before it’s too late for Ms. Clinton and for the nation-at-large

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State of the Nation

An Open Letter To the Neurologists MDs of the USA

Dear Physicians throughout the American Republic,

We especially write to those retired medical doctors who have specialized, during any period of their career in medicine, in the field of neurology.

We know it has become quite apparent that the health status of Hillary Rodham Clinton is extremely grave.  A good number of doctors have weighed in on her current medical profile and universally agree that she is suffering from advanced neurological disease. Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Early-onset dementia are the primary armchair diagnoses by highly competent physicians which have been rendered thus far.

Of these, Parkinson’s appears to be the most likely disease that Ms. Clinton has actually suffered from for a number of years.  Certainly her attending physicians know this full well, yet have neglected to inform the proper authorities.  This necessary response to her condition has not taken place because such a serious diagnosis would immediately terminate her presidential nomination and end her political career for good.

Which brings us to the purpose of this open letter.

Obviously Hillary Clinton is very sick.  The true nature of her illness has been splashed all over the Internet.  Videos, audio recordings and photos provide an exceedingly stark picture of her overall medical status.  According to a growing number of physician-rendered accounts, Ms. Clinton has advanced Parkinson’s disease.  Therefore, she has absolutely no business whatsoever running for president or acting as POTUS.

Certainly the well-known Hippocratic Oath obligates every attending physician to do no harm in the administration of both diagnosis and treatment of their patients.  Hence, it ought to be crystal clear to every medical doctor across the land that Ms. Clinton’s current physicians have violated their respective oaths.

A group “Open Letter” is direly needed at this critical juncture.

Were a large group of concerned neurologists to sign and send an open letter to the American people, this ever-worsening predicament could be rectified.  Such a letter received by all the major media corporations within the MSM could not be ignored.  The Democratic National Committee (DNC), along with all the other complicit organizations, would be compelled to take the appropriate actions.

This letter is being directed to the retired neurologists around the country because it is quite evident that the Democratic political machine will do everything in its power to suppress this vital information.  The DNC, working in close collaboration with the MSM (mainstream media), has literally done great damage to any healthcare practitioner who dares to offer a professional assessment that reveals the truth about Ms. Clinton’s deteriorating condition.

As you know, in unity there is great strength.  The more board-certified neurologists who sign onto such a detailed letter that provides a collective analysis of Ms. Clinton’s true condition, the more difficult it will be for the American people to dismiss it.  The MSM has already proven that they will suppress this crucial information about her, even to her great detriment.

Likewise, husband Bill Clinton is also completely unwilling, or unable, to disclose the facts regarding his wife’s serious ailments.  Even a cursory review of the public record will show that Mr. Clinton is also severely compromised both physically and mentally.  Which leaves the essential decision to terminate Ms. Clinton’s candidacy up to the DNC.

As retired neurologists, you all know just how serious the plight of Ms. Clinton is.  She is incapable of living a normal life on her own much less run for POTUS.  Were she to win the highest office in the land, the crushing responsibilities would surely compromise her very tenuous health before killing her.

Hopefully you all see the great urgency of this request.  Not only does the life of Ms. Clinton greatly depend on expeditious and radical intervention, the welfare of the American Republic does as well.

Very sincerely,

Concerned Citizens of the USA

State of the Nation
September 10, 2016

P.S. Instructive links regarding the evolving state of Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson’s disease at http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=48432

Doreen Ann Agostino
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