E Book of “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..” Anna von Reitz

From: Anna von Reitz [mailto:avannavon@gmail.com]
Subject: E Book of “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..”

Dateline:  Labor Day, 2016

E Book Launch for “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”

This large-print, easy-read cartoon version makes sense of World and American History in a way that provides answers to questions like:

If you are “free” why do you face jail time and arrest at gun-point if you don’t “volunteer” to fork over 40% of your earnings each year to your own employees?

When is the last time you heard of any court anywhere providing justice to anyone?

How, when, where, and why did America get off track?

Who is responsible for this mess?

It has only taken us a year to launch into the modern era, but here we are—an ebook version you can carry on Kindle or send to friends for only $3 worldwide.

Carry and share the news— the actual news—into the streets and onto the airwaves.  Make it go viral—– “Hey!  America has been defrauded! —- And most likely, so have you!”


From Doreen
Sharing the link above, and purchasing Anna’s e-book, are 2 ways to ‘thank’ Anna von Reitz for all that Anna does on behalf of everyone to end great fraud, crime, and harm.

All you have to do is read some of the headlines, to realize everything is in a state of collapse … to make way for greater possibilities.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


About Doreen Agostino

Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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