Your Remedies In and Out of Court

‘Karl Lentz Method Explained’ by Freeman Andy 26

I transcribed this educational video and pray it brings relief and peace to many. Meet your ‘strawman’ below, the other you, incorporated, and identified on all official documents in UPPER CASE letters. Doreen

By Freeman Andy 26
People often worry if they have to write something they want to put into court using their name. Don’t’ be afraid of your name. Be proud of it. If you stand up and say “I am a man, freeman Andy or ‘I am a woman, freeman Andrea’ from then on nobody can say you are a PERSON because you just did away with all that.

How do you become a man or woman in court? That’s your paperwork. In an administrative court they can only hear your paperwork. You do not have a voice until you tell them who you are, and you tell them with your paperwork. A 2D court can’t hear a 3D voice, it can only hear 2D paperwork so the first thing you must do is enter some paperwork into that court, to a court number, to say I am a man or I am a woman.

Once you’ve done that you’ve claimed your status. You’ve said to them ‘I, am man, [or woman], in this venue, have a voice.’ Once you have a voice you can speak. This will terrify them. Who wants to be talked to as a man in their court? They are all PERSONS, the judge, solicitor, court clerk. Everyone else there is a PERSON.

Don’t try to be clever trying to assume what their paperwork is trying to do. NO! Be a simple man. A simple man can only read what’s written is in front of him. If you have a summons from Her Majesty’s Court Revenue state, I expect Her Majesty’s Court Revenue to be in court because according to the paperwork in front of me, Her Majesty’s Court Revenue is the one who’s bringing the claim. And I want to hear the Plaintiff or Claimant’s voice.

So you say the 9 words, “I, a man [or a woman], require the Plaintiff [Claimant] appear in court” depending on what the Summons says.

03:25 When you get to court, because you put the paperwork in saying that you require the Plaintiff/Claimant to appear in court, it’s the PERSON named on the claim. They come to court, they bring a lawyer, they bring representatives, and you ask, ‘Is the Plaintiff here?’ ‘Is the Claimant here?’ They respond, “But I am the lawyer for …” You say, “But you’re not Her Majesty’s Court Revenue. I am a simple man. I’ve come here to answer to Her Majesty’s Court Revenue. I don’t know that there’s not a man or woman out there called Her Majesty’s Court Revenue. People call their kids names stupid names, now look at what some of the celebrities have called their kids names. So I am not assuming anything. All I know is this claims says Her Majesty’s Court Revenue, and I expect a man or woman to appear called Her Majesty’s Court Revenue. And if the Plaintiff or Claimant isn’t there, there is no claim, there is no application; there is no case to answer.” It kills it all.

Someone put at

“I will willingly or I will give remedy to all verified claims.” Andy changed that slightly to ‘I offer’ because a man works ‘now’. I will, means that you will do something in the future. You don’t work in the future tense. You don’t work in the past. You are living right now. This might the only time that you are alive. You might be dead tomorrow or the next minute. You are alive right now, and you are a man or woman right now, right this very minute, so you talk ‘now’. “I, offer remedy to any verified claims.” Now put those two sentences together, and enter it into court as:

“I, a man or woman, [put your name] require the Plaintiff or Claimant appear in court. I, offer remedy to all verified claims.” And you’ve won!

Why wouldn’t you have? The Plaintiff can’t appear because the Plaintiff is a fiction, but you don’t know that because you are a simple man. You are just saying “I expect a man or woman with the name that is on that claim form, or application form, or summons form to appear, and if they don’t there’s no claim” so therefore you’ve won by default, but you’re also saying that you will offer remedy to any verified claims. Who’s going to verify the claim? It needs a man or woman to verify anything that the only one with firsthand knowledge behind any claim or application. These are your remedies in court.

And of course you shouldn’t be appearing in court in the first place. Anything that is addressed to you as a PERSON if it says Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms. on it, it’s talking to the PERSON. If your NAME is all in capital letters, it’s addressed to the PERSON, a dead fiction. Anything like that should be sent back to those who are trying to get some form of joinity with ‘addressing not recognized’ and that’s not a lie.

You are not the PERSON. You are a man or woman so you are not recognizing yourself as a PERSON. *** No contract return to sender.***

If it’s a court paper that comes through, a summons, then it shouldn’t have the ‘no contract clause’ on it because only a man or woman or PERSON ‘if you accept the PERSON’ can decline or accept any offer of contract. So if you put that on a court paper you’ve just said ‘Hello, I’m here. Hi everybody. I’m a man but I’m actually answering your PERSON.’ NO! If it’s to court ***addressing not recognized return to sender *** or *** addressing deceased return to sender***|

All of these things are simple. Be a simple man or woman. Read the paper work in front of you. Don’t try and be clever and read behind the paperwork or read between the lines, or read meaning that isn’t there. It will never have the name of a man or woman as the Claimant unless it is a man or woman making the claim. It’ll always have a solicitor, or it will have a corporate name, and even the solicitor will put down the solicitor’s company but you always want THAT one to appear in court, and of course a fiction can’t appear in court, case WON!

Be well, be happy! I do wish you all the best! Freeman Andy 26, be good.

THANKS to Arnie Rosner I found the above video at Know your rights; reclaim your name

Meet Your Strawman!

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