Planetary Shift IN, nwo OUT, 1 of 2… Turkey: “Explosive Consequences of Putin-Erdogan St.Petersburg Meeting” (FT) and “Turkey considering military ties with Russia” (VT)

Please note and I agree, Doreen: ‘nwo’ is not capitalized since KP sees them on the way out and undeserving of capitalization.


“In no way can NATO limit our contacts with other countries… It means NATO has no right to dictate its terms and tell us who we should or should not meet and communicate with,” Yardim said on August 11, as cited by RIA Novosti…

Parts 1 and 2 at the end.

From Doreen:

Similarly, no one has the right to censor the truth. If you agree that

Everyone Has The Right To Know The Truth

Take a moment to imagine, sense, feel gratitude that genuine truth speakers are free to post at all social networks without any interference and repercussion. On line comments, links, videos, and Youtube channels for humans to safeguard self and loved ones are 100% visible, and the number of views and or subscribers is up to date and accurate. Everyone who subscribes to genuine truth receives updates as soon as they are posted without any interference or interruptions.

Intend genuine truth revealed in ways not mentioned above in this or any other language that needs to be included at this time. So it is and remains. End.

The more people revealing the truth, the more we empower our own freedom.

Note Anna’s opening statement below. I’ll post Anna’s entire message separately.

From: Anna von Reitz []
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2016 2:37 PM
Subject: Update: Time to End the Civil War: the Necessity of Expatriation

Good morning, Campers.

As in, Internment Camp.

Because that is where you are and where you have always been.

It’s time to force Congress to sign an official Peace Treaty ending the American Civil War more than a 150 years after it actually ended, because this is their excuse for all the crappola that they have perpetuated against us.

Part 2 of 2

THE SHIFT: China in Syria; Iran Hosts Russia at Hamadan Base; Iraq Opens Skies to Russian Bombers (Futurist Trendcast, 8-15-16)

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turkey_flag_A_4Please note that “nwo” is not capitalized, as most articles do, since, in my view, they are “on the outs”, and do not rate any capitalizations.

One of these (the Lada Ray) was posted here yesterday. The other is from VT (posted 8-18-16). It basically shows Turkey as “giving the (possibly middle) finger” to NATO-USA CORP. So in my view, it’s a great sign of MAJOR planetary change.

I’m adding a few highlights from each along with the title and link.

Explosive Consequences of Putin-Erdogan St.Petersburg Meeting and Earth Shifting Changes it Foretells! (Futurist Trendcast, 8-15-16)

“Erdogan repeatedly called Putin ‘esteemed Vladimir’ or ‘esteemed Russian President Putin,’ which is a very Middle Eastern way of offering an olive branch and underscoring how important the counterpart is to you. Putin, as far as I could tell, echoed that just once with ‘esteemed President Erdogan.’ No first name basis here.

“Erdogan and…

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