Lawsuit Against U.S. Political Party (DNC) For Fraud! Is Hillary Clinton Next?

Julian Assange claims next leak will lead to the arrest of Clinton … and likely the awakening of a great many more people.

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Title: Assange: Next leak will lead to arrest of Hillary Clinton
Video posted 9 Aug 2016


Death of Shawn Lucas Brings Attention to DNC Role of Prestigious Law Firm

A politically connected law firm in Washington, D.C., Perkins Coie, may find itself in the embarrassing and reputation-damaging position of being named a co-defendant in a high profile case where it is the sole legal counsel of record for the defendants. The Federal lawsuit was brought by Senator Bernie Sanders’ supporters against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and its Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, for overt acts to undermine the Sanders’ campaign while boosting the prospects of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential nominee.


“Jared H. Beck, Esq. discusses the latest developments, including Plaintiffs’ anticipated motion to the court to disqualify the DNC lawyers. Filmed in Philadelphia during the…

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2 Responses to Lawsuit Against U.S. Political Party (DNC) For Fraud! Is Hillary Clinton Next?

  1. S. says:

    Hi Doreen, a number of years ago I stumbled across a blog closely resembling yours.

    At that time the content was not as vast, provocative or awake but the article I read was kind of related to your current material although was a little more conservative and centered around the the bloggers life/possibly you generally, talking about day to day life in San Fran and how she had noticed a concerning change of culture/tone in the city, how it was darker, more dangerous and depraved and that she was considering not writing about SF any more nor putting out info about the fact she lived in SF. I simply wanted to re-visit the article and was wondering if this had indeed been you and if you could link me to it again.

    Sorry to trouble you if this was not you.

    WordPress may provide a generic blog format that I have confused as you both used the same one or something…anyhow please get back to me if this is correct.



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