The Geopolitical Chessboard is Set To Become Extremely Dynamic

TURKEY: A Regional Flashpoint and Global Trigger Point


The failed NATO-sponsored and C.I.A.– coordinated coup in Turkey during July was the most disastrous geopolitical move by the Western powers in a generation.

Coup d’état In Turkey: MIHOP, LIHOP, CIAOP, Or All Three

Such a reckless and misguided venture has set up the most dangerous situation on the planet, bar none.

BOMBSHELL Exposé: The U.S. Military Used Incirlik Air Base To Stage Failed Coup In Turkey

First, it’s extremely important to point out that Turkish government’s unexpected reaction in the wake of this fiasco should have been anticipated.  But, no, the U.S., U.K. and Israeli planners never realized that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan would not only leave the AAA* reservation, but that he would also burn it down.

*Anglo-American Axis (Please see glossary below)

That is exactly what he has done with the arbitrary arrest, mass imprisonment and summary firing of both military personnel and public servants all over Turkey.  This exceedingly bold move is simply unprecedented in modern times.  The CIA & Company has failed over the decades in a number of coup attempts.  However, never has the targeted government gone completely rogue.  They have always understood that you simply cannot leave the AAA reservation; unless, of course, the country is okay with being labeled an international pariah by the global mainstream media and rogue state by the United Nations.

Not only did the coup planners fail once, but it appears that they may have tried a second time, so desperate is the AAA leadership to wrest control of Turkey from the Erdoğan camarilla.  Once the Turkish camp was exposed as a co-conspirator with ISIS, the Zio-Anglo-American warmongers had no choice but to remove Erdoğan by any means possible.  After all, their own complicity with the creation of ISIL had also become graphically exposed.

There is one piece of this NWO puzzle that has really been knocked out of place.  Turkey was identified as a pivotal launching pad for the AAA-planned war on Russia.  Not only does Incirlik Air Base house a massive nuclear arsenal to use to threaten the Russian Federation, the U.S. Air Force utilizes the landing strips for every sort of military aggression inflicted in the Mideast.  It was also to be used against Russia when the hot phase of World War III commenced. READ more at

From Doreen
Comments posted at blogs and social networks are often blocked preventing people from safeguarding themselves and family.

To the body-mind-spirit of people blocking facts, disabling videos and links that reveal harm, distracting, distorting, and dis-informing people at large, your escape route is also narrow and diminishing because each of us has freewill to empower harm or end harm. What each of us does today creates tomorrow.

The more we willingly pull together and support one another the greater chance we have of  resources finding us when the dam breaks. Pass it on please and thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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