H.R.1369 [113th] Firearms Risk Protection Act 2015: 2nd Amendment Up For Sale

Hillary Clinton Link to Orlando Pulse and Sandy Hook Shootings Exposed

Preface and Video by H. Saive:   Hillary Clinton secretly met with several alleged Orlando Night Club shooting victims recently and several families have agreed to join the Sandy Hook lawsuit. Lawyers representing some of the Orlando victims have already had preliminary talks with those representing the Sandy Hook families.

EXCLUSIVE: Exposed-Orlando Shooting Used to Strengthen Sandy Hook Lawsuit

The following video establishes Hillary Clinton and the Zionist mass media involvement with the staged Orlando Pulse shooting where it appears a complete shooting hoax may have gone “live” resulting in “real” deaths of some victims. If so, it  points to Obama and Hillary’s willingness to murder people for political gain and gun-grab legislation.

Florida is  swing state. Hillary Clinton needs Florida. The video reveals all. Doreen

The Firearm Risk Protection Act of 2015 was introduced on May 21, 2015 by N.Y’s 12th Congressional District Democrat, Carolyn Maloney. The Act is just another bowl of ‘word salad’ which appears to be a deceptive way to disarm more Americans while demanding gun owners to carry liability insurance on their weapons. Any person who fails to comply can be criminalized and face fines up to $10000. Of course, the Act would exempt any federal, state, or local agencies from having to comply with obtaining liability insurance on the sale and transfer of every weapon. So, it is clear the banksters want their cut in owning your firearm and penalizing you if you do not comply.

SOURCE with thanks https://chemtrailsplanet.net/2016/08/04/hillary-clinton-link-to-orlando-pulse-and-sandy-hook-shootings-exposed/

From Doreen
Can you see where all of this is going? False flag staged events, plans to disarm the public, insurance for firearms, the 2016 election are all interconnected, to benefit few at gross expense of many.

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