Planned WW III Irreversibly Thwarted

From Doreen
Please, take a moment to give thanks for everyone taking wise action to avert a world war and extreme assault on all life because freewill choice is Power which responds in kind.

2nd Coup Being Thwarted? 7,000 armed police with heavy vehicles surround Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base, Erdoğan Points Finger at Commander of US Central Command

turkey-nato2TMR Editor’s Note:

As TMR initially reported right after the first coup attempt, not only will this story NOT go away, it will only get bigger.  There is no geopolitical event in 2016, with the exception of BREXIT, that even comes close to the far-reaching ramifications of the U.S.-sponsored coup d’état in Turkey.  Because of the sheer depth and breadth of the betrayal of Turkey by the U.S. military and NATO, it will be virtually impossible to repair the damage … as long as President Erdoğan is in power.

In view of the current deteriorating state of affairs, the USA will continue to respond in such a manner so as to galvanize another coup attempt.  It appears that one may have just been tried.  Such desperation reflects the fact that Incirlik Air Base “houses between 50 and 90 US tactical nuclear weapons”.

U.S. Base in Turkey on Lockdown amid Rumors of 2nd Coup

The preceding highly inconvenient factoid is undoubtedly driving the US CENTCOM (and NATO) absolutely crazy.  What could be more scary to the USA & Company than a Turkey ruled by Erdoğan which has taken possession of such a large nuclear arsenal?!

NATO Nuke Base Surrounded By Heavily Armed Turkish Police; Houses Up To 90 Thermonuclear Weapons

Not only that, but the stakes are made even higher because of the extremely strategic and tactical role that Incirlik Air Base plays in the fake war on ISIS.  Much more importantly, however, is the critical location that Incirlik Air Base occupies on NATO’s southeastern flank. Without it, NATO is highly exposed to all sorts of military threats, both real and perceived. READ more at

From Doreen
To increase bandwidth expose the fake war on ISIS. Share facts widely for more people to transform fear into balanced and informed decisions, and inner peace. As within so without. Doreen

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5 Responses to Planned WW III Irreversibly Thwarted

  1. demetrius13 says:

    Reblogged this on demetrius13 and commented:
    We know the light forces will win- or have won, to hear some tell it- but it’s nice to see the boots on the ground supporting WE THE PEOPLE!


  2. Eric Parein says:

    Food for thought: end the British Empire employing the US ARMY by a Muslim President.


  3. jane says:

    God the corrupt faction in the US and in cohorts am guessing with Israel just won’t give up , they are desperate, but anyone who is aware of the consciousness shift on this planet will know that the game is up , the gig is up for the dark cabalist controllers and all factions, so good riddance and never dare to come to earth again!!

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    • As I understand, everything created in physical reality has to be transformed in physical reality. For this reason, a soul re-embodies to experience what they caused others to experience both positive and negative. Sooner or later everyone reaps what we sow.


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