13 Year Young Physicist – Defines God

13 year young Maxwell Loughan was interviewed by Richard Greene, Leading Communication Strategist and Public Speaking Trainer.

From Doreen
Maxwell refers to God as Power [an energy or frequency] not an entity sitting above the clouds judging humans. In other words, the one and only Power experiences limitless possibilities of Itself by empowering human freewill choices.

Imagine it this way, Power is referred to by Sages as God, and by quantum physicists as Fundamental Electromagnetic Quantum Energy or Consciousness, which responds unconditionally to human choices … positive and negative. There are other factors like karma or unpaid debt [unloving choices] from previous lifetimes, divine timing not our timing, what you ‘require’ this lifetime to advance your body-mind-spirit vs. what you desire, and how you respond to what shows up moment to moment. Here’s Maxwell.


SOURCE with thanks https://mainerepublicemailalert.com/2016/07/30/a-conversation-with-13-year-old-physicist-maxwell-loughan-at-the-united-nations/

Self Govern

From Doreen
The Power which creates worlds, universes, galaxies, stars, humans and all creation, is the same Power which gives each of us breath, awareness, and freewill choice to pull together instead of apart, to end harm and empower a new era as Consciousness unbounded in form, aware and accountable for our choices which create physical reality, instead of ‘allowing’ the status quo to send this tract of humanity to extinction.

Clear your energy field so that the Power of All That Is can flow through you into this world with solutions, otherwise parked in neutral as a possibility waiting to be set free. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2016/07/27/5g-technology-wireless-the-5-tibetan-rites 

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