REVELATION: Modern Slave Generation And Hillary’s America [Official Trailer]

Slavery Is More About Power Than Race

By Jerry Day
This video exposes some of the mechanisms of mass control. This video challenges men, women, workers, managers, executives, consumers and debt slaves into examining their most fundamental presumptions about their place and purpose in society.

With thanks: translated by michael-herbert:keehn


Modern slavery is as much tactical and psychological as it is brute force. By far, the best kind of slave is one who agrees to be a slave, or who, at least, accepts the circumstances.

Force is for people who forget to act like slaves.

A good relationship is not one where one person is controlling another, it is cooperation and shared-purpose.

In days of chained slavery they needed to literally break the chains. In the days of psychological slavery, all we need to do is deny consent.

85% of the people in our prisons committed no property damage, no violence or injury — eighty-five percent for what are called crimes, WHEN THERE WAS NO VICTIM. [Like Thomas Deegan!]

If you’re looking around at what Government and corporate interests are doing, if you can see where it is leading, it should be very clear that we had better start making some noise.

Listen to the video or read the transcript to find out how we get America and our lives back!

“Hillary’s America” Trailer | Official Teaser Trailer HD

Thanks to Richard for this trailer.

Hillary Clinton Movie She Banned From Theaters

The real driving force in Hillary Clinton’s life that everyone has the right to know. Everyone needs to realize what Hillary Clinton is capable of

The latest discovery within the 20,000 emails released by Wikileaks shows a pattern within the Democrat Party that’s not only extremely troubling, but is highly illegal, and Hillary Clinton is going to have a tough time trying to distance herself from this one.

From Doreen

Karma: Every Freewill Choice Is Recorded

From the book Quan Yin Speaks … Are You Ready?

To clarify, imagine borrowing money from a bank. First, you sign an Agreement, a contract to pay back the principal and interest. If you cannot pay it back on time you negotiate an extension, with the understanding that you will pay more interest until the debt is paid.

The unseen AKASHIC HALL OF RECORDS is like your bank, and KARMA is your personal payment plan. It is an accounting of every freewill choice. Together with the Akash it monitors the harvesting of transformed dark particles through a graph that shows the pluses and minuses of the combined ledgers. It is like a wheel that keeps turning lifetime after lifetime, until all your debt is paid. In essence, NONE of us ever gets away with anything. We all reap what we  sow.

The act of forgiveness is not only a trump card in the deck of the human board game, it is the trigger point toward awareness. It has the power to wipe out the first layers of the negative column in the Akashic ledgers. [End]

21st Century Plantation-system Psyop

Voting, public silence, and inaction, are ‘consent’ to great fraud, war, and modern day slavery.

As time collapses into the eternal present moment, during a rare shift Earth is passing through, what if each of us is being called to pay off all remaining debt through a change of heart, and courage to end all crime?

Please share this post for people to raise their awareness and wisely choose their next step.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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About Doreen Agostino

Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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