FACT CHECK: Donald Trump’s Republican Convention Speech, Annotated

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump takes the stage on the final evening of the Republican National Convention.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump takes the stage on the final evening of the Republican National Convention.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination for president Thursday night, delivering a speech that lays out America’s struggles with crime, terrorism and immigration and how he plans to address them.

NPR’s politics team has annotated Trump’s speech below. Portions we commented on are highlighted, followed by analysis, context and fact check in italics.

SOURCE with thanks. READ Trump’s annotate speech here http://www.npr.org/2016/07/21/486883610/fact-check-donald-trumps-republican-convention-speech-annotated

From Doreen

Before You Vote

Pause and reflect.

Voting is freewill consent.

Consent is advanced inner technological equipment, Power of freewill choice to end or sustain harm: banker fraud, court fraud, tax fraud, mass surveillance, perpetual war for profit, inhumane acts on populations like aerial spraying toxic chemicals, staged false flag events, mandatory vaccines, population control, one world governance, a global carbon control matrix based on ‘incomplete science and omissions’ i.e. stratospheric aerosol injection [solar radiation management], geoengineering the weather, and HAARP heating the ionosphere to justify a carbon ‘taxation’ program …

Body Language

Body language is used as a technique to shape opinions across the globe. Regardless of your political persuasion, being aware of how leaders use psychology against us is key to understanding the true intent of their message.

Gestures are most potent when delivered by the hands.

Image result for vote fraud

Image result for hillary palms up

Now watch ‘The power is in the palm of your hands!’

Involuntary sterilization, genocide and globalization:

Well researched publications by Kevin Mugur Galalae





It requires courage to break free from limiting beliefs and patterns, acknowledge the facts, and heal our differences, until we find ourselves accompanied by more and more competent brothers and sisters on the path less traveled. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2016/07/22/urgent-plea-to-godlings-for-sanity/

Consent in your heart to Natural Law: Do no harm and do not allow others to harm you, and spread the word to give ourselves and true freedom a chance.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,

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About Doreen Agostino

Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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