Black Lives Matter: America’s Homegrown Version of ISIS?

Dallas Police Massacre Shows That
Texas Is The Real Battleground State

Just how much violence will BLM commit before they are labelled a terrorist group?

fc9200308e03c65c9576699c8c0f8517State of the Nation

ISIS was created by the US, UK and Israel. The Obama Administration
is utilizing the same divide and conquer strategy in the United States via
Black Lives Matter that they used in Syria and Iraq by supporting
Daesh terrorism.

The whole community of nations now knows that the CIA, MI6 and the MOSSAD created, armed, funded and materially supported ISIS as it has rampaged across the Northern Levant.  The creation of the Islamic State and fabrication of Islamic jihad across the region was the backbone of the Zio-Anglo-American strategy to divide and conquer the Mideast. Not only were vast oil and gas reserves at stake, so, too, was the most valuable geopolitical piece of real estate on the planet.

It took Putin’s Russia to expose this unparalleled conspiracy which their Air Force did with extraordinary efficiency.  At the end of the Russian military campaign in Syria, ISIL was shown to be working directly with the US, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  The Greater Israel project was being painstakingly advanced with every act of terrorism and war crime, land grabs and resource theft until the Russian intervention transpired.

This divide and rule strategy has worked so well for Obama & Company that they now appear to be bringing it to the homeland.  As a matter of fact, even Homeland Security’s Director Jeh Johnson appears to be on board, as does Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James B. Comey.  POTUS Obama and VPOTUS Biden have been running this Jesuit game like a charm since January 20, 2009.

When the top tier of the Executive Branch is totally behind a government-wide conspiracy to pit Americans against each other as they have done for the past seven and a half years, the times are about to get very interesting.  The 2016 Summer from Hell is testament to just how hot things are going to get, especially with the July 15th Day of Rage now on the calendar.  Given the transparent betrayal of the America people by the U.S. Federal Government, how can it be any other way?

While such real time and naked treachery has never been seen before in this country, many now understand that the US government has been operating this way practically forever.  That’s what it does best … just as ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.15.13 PM

The TEXAS Battleground

Make no mistake about it, the great state of Texas is now ground zero for the simmering Second American Revolution.  Austin and Waco, Dallas and Houston have all been the site of various skirmishes and firefights.  Because Texas is the primary champion nationwide of state’s rights, it has become the object of Washington’s scorn.  This White House will simply not tolerate any initiatives by the 50 states to rightfully claim those state’s rights granted by the US Constitution.  Hence, the Lone Star has become a huge target.


Spread the word, please!

We need aware humans to inform unaware humans that people of good conscience are being SET UP.

No longer give your power to the the ruling 1%’s divide and conquer technique. It’s time for the 99% to become competent and together break this cycle.

Set your inner compass now!


Doreen Ann Agostino
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