Emailgate Is About Lawlessness Of The Entire Obama Administration

Why is the Clinton’s Emailgate so HUGE?

Emailgate is really about the lawlessness
of the entire Obama Administration

emailgate-could-expose-clinton-foundation-newworldnextweekBush-Clinton Crime Family has met its Waterloo

Emailgate, Servergate, Benghazigate, Syriagate, Libyagate
and Clinton Foundationgate all intersect to expose a massive,
wanton and unparalleled conspiracy of criminality and
corruption in the U.S. Federal Government.

State of the Nation

Editor’s Note:
The following Emailgate exposé is quite complicated and convoluted, yet it is totally supported by official testimony and backed up by volumes of evidence on the Internet. What you are about to read is the true back story to not only Emailgate, Servergate and Benghazigate, but also a big piece of the NWO agenda as it has been executed by the Obama Administration.  This narrative also explains why they chose a genuine Manchurian Candidate — who did not even possess a legitimate birth certificate  — to be the POTUS who could deceptively provide the ultra-thin veneer of legitimacy as he ostensibly commandeered the conspiracy to make war.  Only a Nobel Peace Prize winner could get away with so much transparent war-mongering which is why they chose Hillary Clinton (a woman) to be the bellicose Secretary of State.   The reader will now comprehend the cynical power-plays and calculated geopolitical moves made by the Obama-Clinton tag team as they ran roughshod over the Middle East. Arab Spring was actually their C.I.A.- coordinated crime spree to steal land and natural resources, as well as energy conduits and strategic territories.  While the back story elaborated below was a premeditated scheme to devastate nations and destroy their cultures, this is NOT what makes it so apocalyptic in nature.


With this understanding it is extremely important to point out that Emailgate is not just about the serial criminality of Hillary and Bill Clinton.  It is also about the unparalleled lawlessness of the U.S. Department of State and its extremely nefarious workings. It is about the entire Obama Administration and the incessant law-breaking that it has become notorious for worldwide.  There is no other administration in U.S. history that comes even close to such pervasive lawlessness and so much official misconduct.

Obama and Clinton are joined at the hip

The real story here is that Clinton was assigned the task of implementing unprovoked wars of aggression.  That has become the true function of the US State Department in every nation that the Military-Industrial Complex (tool of the NWO neocon cabal) has identified for a regime change.  Whenever Corporate America requires a new target for it predatory capitalism, it employs the gunboat diplomacy of State to set up the new battlefield.  This was Secretary Clinton’s role and she played it to perfection, even getting an ambassador and 3 others gruesomely killed… by design.  That’s another VERY serious plot that remains to be told.

READ the whole back story at

From Doreen

The Truth is not to be feared!

The Truth is being revealed for each of us to acknowledge and courageously pull together, to end harm*and free ourselves to co-create a renewed Earth and brighter future.

*Funding and voting for politicians make us complicit in their improper and/or offensive actions. If you doubt this and before you VOTE  please read and share

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