F. William Engdahl NEO 6-30-16… “‘Black Friday’ For GMO in Russia” (and great news for us in the rest of the world)

Biotech giants are going DOWN!!!

Now it’s time for people in all countries to pull together, and wisely follow suit, to preserve the health of humans and ‘natural’ systems upon which all life depends for survival.

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new_eastern_outlook_header_26gmo_NOT_22The more Russia says no to the global biotech crap being foisted upon the world, the better it is for all of us. I’m very grateful they are calling out the garbage that seems to spew from every single representative (or other agent) of companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, et al. They are standing up to “the bullies” and saying NO.

With articles like this one calling them out, and actions from countries like Russia, France, and even the oft-derided “EU”, these biotech giants are “going down” (whatever that means).

“…the Duma or state Parliament on June 24, passed the third and final reading of the bill that now bans totally all GMO crop cultivation and GMO animals… Not only that but the Duma law gives the Russian Government authority to ban import of products containing GMOs in to Russia, if it is revealed that a specific GMO has a…

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