NIGEL FARAGE: Man of the Hour … Man of the Millennium

Without Farage, there would have been no BREXIT

“Founding Father” of the British independence movement
speaks truth to power like no other leader in UK history

State of the Nation

VIDEO: Nigel Farage torches EU Parliament and Leadership
Special Note:
There is single most important piece of the New World Order agenda has ALWAYS been to make sure that Western societies produces no real heroes.  That policy decision by the ruling elites was solidified with the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcolm X, as well as many other modern-day heroes, some of whose names never even made into prime time. Well, Nigel Farage is a very real hero of the 3rd millennium.  Their ascendancy on the world stage proves without a shadow of a doubt, that the NWO cabal is losing power in a serious way.  Simply put, these two indomitable Brits shouldn’t be there, particularly in view of the pivotal NWO goal of establishing a One World Government.  In spite of the many conspiracy theories that are now flying around cyberspace about a BREXIT psyop, Nigel Farage has entered the room.  He is the real deal, as you cannot fake his awesome act.  Nor did the NWO crowd use him to accomplish some cynical objective. In other words a true hero has emerged, and done so at a most critical point in the implementation of the NWO agenda.  FYI it really makes no difference how BREXIT proceeds, or does not, at this point.  An authentic ‘six sigma’ Black Swan* event has taken the whole world by storm, and it has catalyzed an inevitable process of global revolution. The 1% has never been surrounded by so many real existential threats.  And they know it.
*BREXIT: The ‘Six-Sigma’ Black Swan of the Millennium

UKIP stands for the United Kingdom Independence Party and one of its founders and current leader is Nigel Farage.

The only way to properly understand the BREXIT phenomenon is to understand the people in Great Britain who started it and who fought very hard for it.  That would be one Nigel Farage.  The following map depicts the fruit of his herculean effort where all of England minus London voted to leave the European Union.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 6.20.52 PMHe is already being compared to the key Founding Father of a reborn United Kingdom, a nation which was subsumed by European Union oppression and tyranny since its joining.

To understand this grassroots movement is to understand the intentions of those who guided it through years of challenges and obstacles. Be sure to READ the Author’s Note and more at

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