BREXIT WINS! Global Economic And Financial System Faces Greatest Challenges Ever!

BREXIT Wins: Government Resigns, EU Convulses, Gold Soars, Markets Panic, People Prevail, NWO Shocked


No One Really Knows Where This Is All Going
Except To A Collapse of Civilization
As We Know It


Global Economic & Financial System
Faces Greatest Challenges Ever!

Trigger Point for the Super Shemitah

State of the Nation

Something so HUGE just happened it even defied the bookmakers in London.

The bookies never get it wrong; their odds are virtually always spot on.

A victorious BREXIT just took the United Kingdom, the European Union and the rest of the world by storm … a Superstorm of truly biblical proportions.

For those who are not familiar with the phenomenon known as the Super Shemitah, you will be very soon.  It’s actually about many different things, but especially about the release of indebtedness.  The entire planetary civilization is about to experience an unprecedented and unparalleled liberation from debt slavery.

SUPER SHEMITAH: The Day Of Reckoning Comes To America

Trigger Point for the Super Shemitah 

Make no mistake about it, the defining moment of 2016, of the decade, and of the millennium has just occurred.  With the departure of Great Britain from the European Union (EU), the entire EU project will undoubtedly crash and burn. France has already called for their own referendum regarding continued EU membership.  The French are like the British, only on steroids where it concerns getting the eff out of the disastrous EU.  So are the Dutch.  Hence, it is easy to see where all of this is rapidly going.

Back to the Super Shemitah.  Now that the BREXIT genie is out of the bottle, there is no putting it back in.  The original financial architects and social engineers of the European Union probably did not know what they were doing when they foisted the Treaty of Rome on the unsuspecting back in the last century.  They certainly did not accurately foresee the utter catastrophe that the Maastricht Treaty, which came into force on 1 November 1993, would cause throughout Europe and around the world in 2016.  That year — 1993 — was effectively the beginning of the single most disastrous project in modern history.  For it served to set up the world for BREXIT, the trigger point for the collapse of the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS).

There is simply no stopping the cataclysmic events which are inevitable in the year of the Super Shemitah.  Many have scorned and snickered at the notion of such a worldwide apocalyptic event.  Now they will see firsthand what such an earth-shaking series of events can do to the entire planetary civilization.  The repercussions will be so far-reaching and ramifications so profound as to re-arrange nations and societies everywhere.  The following articles lay bare exactly what is coming around the corner.

The Earth-Shaking Year of the Red Fire Monkey Begins On February 8, 2016

Domino Effect

Perhaps the single greatest effect from today’s BREXIT victory will be the unstoppable domino effect which has already been triggered.  Virtually all of the citizenries of the EU nations have been denied referendums on the membership issue.  When they have taken place, they were clearly fixed by the NWO controllers.  For years there has been a pent-up frustration within the populace that has been waiting to explode.  Welcome to the Europe Summer!

eu-vlajky-domino-iluREAD about Europe Summer and more at

Thank GOD!

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Thank you British brothers and sisters!

Spread the good word will you?

We ARE living the SHIFT of world ages!

Doreen Ann Agostino
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