Anglo-American Axis Prepares For World War; Russia Responds With Massive Buildup

Neocon Cabal Pushes for
World War III in Syria

The Neocon chickenhawks are unrelenting in their desire to wage war on Syria … to own and operate on every square inch of the Northern Levant and beyond in order to complete their Greater Israel project


The Council on Foreign Relations in concert with the Bilderbergers
and Trilateral Commission are beating the Syrian War drums hard.
Even the Committee of 300 is demanding war on Syria for no other
reason but to jumpstart the global economy out of the ongoing
Second Great Depression.

State of the Nation

Most people do not realize how dangerous the situation really is. Doreen

Special Note:
Obama, Kerry & Company are at it again warmongering in Syria.
State Department officials call for U.S. military action against Assad regime

John Kerry Is Said to Side With Diplomats’ Critical Memo on Syria

This situation is getting quite serious as President Vladimir Putin has made Russia’s intentions quite well known.
Russia warns US against targeting Syria’s Assad

Putin has also expressed Russia’s dismay about the supposed defensive (really offensive) missile shield constructed in Eastern Europe.
Putin Vows Retaliation Over US Missile Shield; Warns Poland, Romania Now In The “Cross Hairs”

The tensions over Syria are ramping up by the week and show no signs of mitigating.
US and Russian fighters in dramatic showdown over Syria

The bottom line is that the world is heading toward a major war unless cooler heads prevail.  Those in power within the Zio-Anglo-American (AAA) sphere of influence, who still have a conscience, must unify and intervene before this predicament passes the point of no return.  The AAA led by the USA is 100% the aggressor; the BRICS led by Russia are only practicing self defense, as well as the defense of the innocent and powerless.[1]  Given the multitude of assaults that Russia has taken from NATO and the AAA, Putin et al. have exercised unfathomable restraint and good judgment.
Russia Beware: There Is Only One Way to Effectively Deal With a Criminally Insane Psychopath

As if Syria has not seen enough war and mayhem, now the U.S. State Department is prodding the nation and her allies into a full-scale war with Syria.

It is abundantly clear that SOS John Kerry is nothing but a puppet as is POTUS Obama. Both of these spineless characters would sell their mothers were the Neocon cabal to make such a request.  This is the same Neocon cabal that has come to define the current American foreign policy that is defined by warmongering and gunboat diplomacy, predatory capitalism and militaristic democracy—24/7 … on every continent.

The American people appear to be completely clueless to this Neocon cabal that has been instigating wars all over the globe in the interest of maintaining the Anglo-American Empire.  It is very much an English-speaking enterprise, although the Zio-Anglo-American Axis does include many other nations of various languages.  The real common denominator here is that the hidden cabal speaks one language quite well—war and conflict, civil wars and color revolutions, coup d’ états and violent protests, as well as false flags bombings, mass shootings, and assassinations.

Truly, if ever there was a group of incorrigible criminally insane psychopaths the Zio-Anglo-American psychopathocracy is it.  This crowd only knows how to warmonger and war profiteer.  It is death and destruction all day long until they get what they want.  They hatch one plot after another like it’s some kind of kid’s game callously oblivious to all the pain and suffering they have caused around the world.  This intractable wrecking crew has in fact been responsible for transforming vast swaths of the Middle East into a dystopian, post-apocalyptic wasteland, just the way they want it.

SOURCE with thanks. READ more and share this ‘call to action’ because most people do not realize how dangerous the situation really is

The main problem is that people do not understand [Putin]


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The main problem is that people don’t understand how dangerous the situation really is | Putin

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