Bilderberg Meeting 2016, Brexit, the Death of Capitalism, And List of Attendees

The first Bilderberg meeting took place in 1954. Find out who is vying to monopolize ‘our’ future unless we the people take a stand ‘together’ to end their control and change trajectory to peace, harmony and freedom.

Enter The Buzzsaw

Published on Jun 17, 2016

The 2016 Bilderberg meeting is taking place, and (coincidentally?) mass shootings and major crimes are happening. We explore the agenda of the Bilderbergers, the media manipulation of the world’s elite, and impact of the Brexit vote on the meeting. Will there be any impact for the presidential election in America? How much time do we have before a complete financial collapse? And what about those suspicions of false flag events happening in 2016? We talk to investigative journalist Tony Gosling on this uncensored Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone.

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2016 Bilderberg Meeting

Dresden, Germany 9-12 June

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One Response to Bilderberg Meeting 2016, Brexit, the Death of Capitalism, And List of Attendees

  1. Great video… notice the last comment .. a reckoning is coming as the people wake up and realize that we are the masters and “endowed by their Creator (not man, Government, Bank or Buildherburgler group) with certain (not uncertain) unalienable (not lienable, changeable, diminishable, waved, sold, traded or otherwise) Rights….. That to secure these Rights Governments are instituted… (thus when Gov no longer functions to “effect” and cause our “Safety and Happiness” it is time to “alter or abolish it” get rid if it entirely and try something else, like “Anarchy” an-arch-y self governing people.. without money to hoard and control others with.!!)
    Kindness is the on true currency in the universe anyway, so lets start using it, and get on with having purpose…


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