SAND WARS: The Most Shocking Display of Human Arrogance And Greed

Sand Wars: True Crimes Against Nature

By Clint Richardson

Note: The Youtube title attributed to this film is “Flat Earth…” Please do not let this distract you, for this video is nothing but the movie in question. To their credit, the poster of this video also comprehends that this is the key to understanding the official story about “climate change” and how it is being used as a smokescreen to hide this “sand war.”

I don’t say this often, but stop! Watch this documentary. Do nothing else today if not this. Your livelihood and possibly your life may depend on it. For what you are about to see is the most important documentary ever made. As a documentary filmmaker myself, this is no small praise.

But what you are also about to see is the most shocking display of human arrogance and greed I have ever been made to witness, the consequences of which are being felt as we speak. To call this a crime against nature is not even a fair statement, for man has finally found a way to subvert the very harmony and foundational structure of the Earth that supports us. And so when I say to you that beaches everywhere on Earth are disappearing into the ocean, and that islands are “sinking” as they also recede into that watery oblivion, you better damn well pay attention to this.

However, what is most astounding about this film is what is not said. So many pieces of the “conspiracy” puzzle are filled in by this film that I doubt it would have been allowed to air if these obvious conclusions were pointed out within, from geo-Engineering the land and sea to the official story of climate change and supposedly rising oceans. This film shows us what no one else could, by showing us not the conclusions but the causes of so much corruption.

Now, before we go on, and since my following discourse here will not make sense otherwise, please, please, watch this documentary film NOW!

SOURCE with thanks and Clint’s perspective

At this point, I’d like to talk about this film and what it says, but more so what it does not say outrightly. For whatever you are feeling right now, prepare to be a lot more angry after the following is presented.

Let’s take these one at a time…

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