Muhammad Ali: Smartest One in the Room and Most Courageous Guy on the Block

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Here’s a guy who literally failed his U.S. Army IQ test when they went to draft him for Vietnam.

His response: “I said I was the greatest, not the smartest.” 

The truth of the matter is that Muhammad Ali was the “smartest one in the room” as well as “the most courageous guy on the block”.

Special Note:
There is a very good reason for the extraordinary outpouring of reverential sentiment and effusive respect for Muhammad Ali.  He spoke the truth in an era when it was very dangerous to do so.  Then he lived his own truth.  He took back his power from the System. And then he spoke truth to power in a way very few will ever do from such a high public platform.  In other words the guy had the COURAGE of Mahatma Gandhi and Joan of Arc all in one person.  Very few have ever been willing to stand up to the Military-Industrial Complex at the very height of their career knowing it could all be taken from them in a flash.  Ali knew that he was living in the belly of the beast and was not timid about saying so.  This is why he was so admired; very few people anywhere in American society have courage anymore.  People in general know this and, therefore, greatly admire what they so profoundly lack.  Were the USA to be populated with even a handful of Muhammad Alis, the current predicament of societal collapse and political corruption, economic depression and financial hardship might have been significantly lessened.  How ironic that this awesome professional boxer and brave soul paved the way for the first black president who then created an Obamanation through his relentless warmongering.  Whereas Ali was the spearhead of the very first popular movement in recorded history to terminate a major war.  Now you know why he is a real modern-day hero. Even Martin Luther King derived great inspiration from him.   

Refusing to be drafted for the immoral and repugnant Vietnam War is a perfect example of just how smart Muhammad Ali really was.  He knew that he would be used as cannon fodder for that rich man’s war.  He also knew that they were going for all his homeboys. Boy, did Muhammad Ali ever throw a huge wrench in their war machine.  And they never even saw it coming ….


Why else was he so smart?  Well here’s his great response to the folks in Hollywood who are responsible for placing the famous Hollywood Stars.  He wasn’t at all for having his star placed on the ground like all the rest of them.  No, he sure didn’t either.

Muhammad Ali dead: Why the iconic boxer’s Hollywood star isn’t on the Walk of Fame


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