Regarding More Idiot-Speak About Secession; NO To Civil War!!!

By Anna Von Reitz

We don’t want or need a civil war— which is what those vermin are hoping for, promoting, and wanting us to do.

Why do our enemies want an excuse to murder us?

We are their Priority Creditors. And they have heavily insured us.

So, every time they kill an American, they get a big insurance pay off. That’s benefit one. They also get rid of one of their Priority Creditors. Benefit two. Then they get to pay themselves out of our public funds for performing this “service”. Benefit three. Last but not least, they come in and claim all the property of the dead, murdered Americans as “abandoned property”.

This was Hitler’s “Final Solution” and it is still the plan of the Nazionists.

Spread the word about how stupid it is to talk about “secession” and how those in Texas and elsewhere are doing nothing but play into the hands of those itching to destroy us.

Time to grow a brain, America.

The only lawful way for any state to secede is for all the states to get organized, send deputies to a Continental Congress, and rewrite the agreement. If you are too lazy to do that, you are certainly too lazy to win a civil war.

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2 Responses to Regarding More Idiot-Speak About Secession; NO To Civil War!!!

  1. I thought this got resolved five years ago when I wrote a bunch of letters to all sorts of individuals exploring them to reconsider for various reasons. In the end I thought that what got them was “If you sussceed then you will be all by yourself against the Untied States Corporation, The United States of America, the businesses, the military and why would they not do what they did to Cuba. To remain part of the Union and enforce the Law as it is written makes more sense. First clean up your own corrupt courts and judges and set an example. Then you can use your uncorrupted courts to indict the criminals that engage in crimes of the State.”
    This is from memory and not exact but enough to get the idea.
    The fact that it is popping up again like the revalue of the Dinar, the Planet Enubru or what ever it is called that is going to destroy the earth and all the other catastrophes which cause people to be distracted and not need to learn the law and administer it, is evidence that it is just another false flag perpetrated by the “controlled opposition.
    Please focus people, focus on the law, our law and how to bring an action to prosecute the criminals in office. The State courts and officers are corrupted and the only place to go for remedy is the Federal Courts by way of 42 USC 1983, so why on earth would you want to sever your lifeline to potential of justice and turning this around. “When corruption no longer is profitable it will cease along with its influence.” Thus we know no one is going to jail but by charging them and winning over and over again, soon it will no longer be profitable and thier system of corruption will fall. This is the one strategy that makes sense.
    The other and much simpler solution is to get signatures on a petition to legislate that all public officers and agents be required to pass a test every six month from their application. This test is to determine their knowledge, understanding and accurate use of the Principles expressed by the “Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States”, (which all “Forms of Government” have their “foundation” laid upon and is the peoples trust.) Their understanding of the Constitution (to which every office is subject to and derived from and bound by oath or affirmation to support) and the accurate use of the laws (“organizing their powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness”, “Anything in this Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary, notwithstanding.”) Failure to pass these tests constitutes immediate suspension with out pay and an opportunity to retake and pass within three weeks or to extend that period by satisfactorily attending and passing provided courses towards retaking and passing these tests”. Failure to retake and pass constitutes abandonment of office.
    Such a simple thing to do and will cause a huge turn around.. But the fact that this solution is so simple and easy to implement and the people have failed to do so is a clear indication that the people are not interested in doing anything which would solve the problems and leads me to believe that once again this is all hype to distract and separate those who would support it to be put on yet another list to be arrested or drone struck or poisoned or used as possible scape goats for another op… wise up people this game is just a game to them and you are the expendable idiots, because you choose to be and remain idiots… STOP, turn around and take the time and effort to study the law and get this petition implemented into law and cause change, real change and stop all this stupid dramatic nonsense designed to distract you from your real and true power to effect by “alter or abolish” “any Form of Government which becomes destructive of these ends..”


    • Systems that serve few at the expense of many are approaching finale.

      Asking permission through petitions that are mostly ignored, keeps humans playing small.

      To defeat the cabal requires humans to self-realize, cooperate with one another, unify around a common purpose like ‘survival’, and take wise action to replace ‘all’ man-made laws with Natural Laws or God’s Laws.


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