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“Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.”
~ Michael Ellner

It is impossible to understand the state of the world without the knowledge of the ancients.

Civilizations of old were privy to the ancient wisdom which was true and infallible.

Modern societies have all but banished this sacred wisdom and time-honored knowledge.

The very notion that classical thought is somehow inferior to modern thinking reflects a profound defect of the collective judgment of 21st century man.

In fact post-modern societal breakdown is a direct function of this fatal perspective which has been adopted by so many.  What follows is a deeply penetrating analysis of the plight of humankind.  This particular insight ought to be taken very seriously at this critical juncture of human history.

“Every civilization is built on a foundation of core spiritual beliefs, predominant religious traditions and accepted philosophical principles. The very blueprint of the society will reflect the integrity and soundness of those belief systems and religious faiths. The extent to which they are defective and lacking will always be manifested by the societal architecture which is constructed upon this philosophical foundation. The more profound and fundamental the flaws in the foundational understanding, the more unstable the architecture will be.

In the case of Western Civilization we see that all governmental institutions and political systems, social structures and religious organizations are inherently flawed. The entire economic and financial order exists as if it were built on quicksand. Likewise, the scientific paradigms are severely deficient and the academic body of knowledge is not based on truth. When such is the case, what kind of a world will the children inherit? Particularly in light of how technology is worshipped from such a young age throughout society, when the Divine or Highest Power (also known as GOD) ought to be revered and relied upon.

Given this state of affairs, peace and cooperation will elude the current race of humanity during this New Millennium. As general discontent continues,“the insatiable appetite for more” will further strip the earth bare of its limited natural resources. Especially when the primordial relationship with Mother Earth has been broken for so long, as it has in the West, humanity will suffer great trials and tribulations until a genuine reconciliation occurs. After all, just how much neglect and abuse can the global environment sustain before the entire civilization experiences the inevitable karmic blowback?

The planetary environment is a relatively finite system and does require a certain level of responsible stewardship to adequately support over seven billion residents. Although they do possess extraordinary powers to renew and rejuvenate, the myriad ecosystems which exist across the planet must be maintained in a proper balance. Only when humankind acknowledges and respects the basic laws of Mother Nature will such a balance prevail.

As the global population continues to spiral upward, the stresses and pressures on the biosphere have begun to reach tipping points and exceed critical thresholds which signal tremendous urgency. Every sphere of life has been suffused with signs and omens which indicate that points of no return of great consequence are surely upon us. The Armageddon which many fear is not a WWIII, rather it is the ongoing environmental apocalypse that has been taking place for many decades mostly under the radar. Such pervasive and profound global destruction can only end one day with some sort of planetary Armageddon, the likes of which has never been experienced by the current race of humanity.

The fateful day on which the Industrial Revolution began marks the beginning of the end of our current age. Therefore, we are compelled to look deeply at the many forces which conspired to create this revolution which would go onto inflict so much damage across the planet during the 20th century, and up to the present day.”
(Source: Why Is Planet Earth On Life Support?)

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