Cristina Sirca’s parting letter to Pope Francis

28 May 2016

Your most Holy Father,

I am addressing you as a Roman Catholic person of faith, mother of two wonderful girls, and also as a Romanian-American human rights activist who takes to heart some of the most critical issues of our time: the covert depopulation and coerced globalization agenda.

I have been in Rome since May 1st to support Kevin Galalae’s cause and have also been on a hunger strike for the first two weeks. Before I leave Rome at the end of this week, I would like to make my voice heard and let the Holy See know my position on these two very troubling issues.

I have dedicated most of my time in the last two years trying to bring my contribution to the Romanian American community and make a difference in the dire state of affairs of my home country, Romania. As I have done a lot of research to gauge and find solutions to their various problems I have also come to study and get an idea about the state of world affairs.

What I have found is a common thread. Institutions, communities, nations and organizations are being secretly subverted and destroyed from the inside by a system that seeks to control and dictate every aspect of our lives. It was for me like a sudden and striking revelation, as a quantum jump between two parallel universes, from the illusion of freedom and democracy to the cold truth of an impending Orwellian society. A society based on secrets and lies where a few very rich and powerful are aspiring to total power over the planet and its inhabitants by secret means, by steadily increasing their control over the world’s finances, resources, military operations, education & information (mass media, history books, etc.), scientific advances, human wellbeing, biology, mind and spirituality. They advance their agenda using lies and deceit, false flags and scare tactics like the population bomb, climate change, terrorism or geopolitics. They exterminate us through war, chemicals and drugs, intrude in our private lives, buy the elites, threaten, kill and intimidate, stifle the dialogue, divide us on false beliefs and ideologies as to deter any opposition.

I have been very concerned to find out that the Catholic Church, along with the economic, financial and political powers, has also been advancing the globalist agenda and their covert methods of depopulation. Due to lack of reliable data and to the possible manipulation of information by interested parties, I find it difficult to properly gauge the gravity of the growing population issue at the time these measures were first initiated. But I can clearly see that at this point, far from being the driving force, population control is just one important step towards the long planned new world order. There is plenty of evidence that through a plan pushed through the U.N. and implemented by NATO and most governments, the world population is intentionally being poisoned and sickened through covert means, by chemtrails, vaccines, and chemicals added to medications, food and water, without anyone being brought to justice or held accountable for such crimes.

While I find that the pharmaceutical industry to be the main culprit together with the people who are consciously advancing and implementing this genocide, the Vatican and all others who are quietly endorsing or covering up the issue may also carry moral responsibility. If the Catholic Church really believes that the population problem is critical should it not be more permissive and reconsider its position on contraceptives especially since the Papal Commission of 1930 endorsed them and the vast majority of Catholics approves their use? If the Church is genuine about this issue then why not give a straight answer to my co-national, Kevin Galalae, who has done extensive work on depopulation and has made extraordinary personal sacrifices for this cause, and who is on his second hunger strike – 45 days and going – here at the Vatican?

I have seen a lot of good in the Roman Catholic Church; the one I grew up in. It has done a lot of great deeds around the world, in taking care of the ill and the disadvantaged, in educating people, in providing great inspirational human models, in the overall advancement of society. In regard to the two issues that I am addressing here, I am proud of the Vatican’s strong stand against abortion especially in the developing countries where it asserts that economic development not billions of dollars spent on abortions is needed in order to bring growth rates down.

On the issue of immigration I only partly agree with the Church, which stands for open US borders and the welcoming of Middle Eastern refugees in Europe. That is not the right approach as it does not address the problems that the displaced populations are facing in their own countries: the bombings, the economic enslavement and extortion of their resources by multinational corporations, the political corruption, the discrimination. People the world over should have the right to keep most of the fruit of their land and labor, raise their children and have their civil rights and liberties protected in their homeland where they are naturally most nurtured. And while I do see all nations and races holding hands one day and joining the global family I think that people ought not be artificially brought together, but must be first brought closer together by leveling out their huge cultural, religious and economical differences through open dialogue and collaboration.

The current globalization strategy that chases populations out of their own countries to seize their resources, to create crisis situations all over the world and solutions that restrict our rights and liberties does not have the best interests of the human family at heart and is driven by greed and thirst of power, it is utterly undemocratic as it disregards the opinion, the will, the rights and the interests of the many. Is this the new world order that The Vatican has been endorsing since at least 1976?!? I tend to believe otherwise as the Holy Fathers have been speaking against the war, the economic inequalities, the greed, the culture of consumption.

In 2011, the church went against the world’s big finance by proposing a new economic order based on ethics and the common good, by reforming the U.N. and creating a new global authority and a new central bank. As I can see, an international power struggle over the control of the UN and of the world affairs, I see why the church would come under attack for standing in the way of the other, less scrupulous power players.

However, secrecy remains the most troubling issue and the one that ties the Church to the global elites and erodes the faith and trust of the people. The Church has not only been hiding its dealings and errors, but has also been hoarding and withholding humanity’s most critical information about our origins, evolution and place in the universe, as well as all the dark secrets and dangers affecting life on the planet and prompting global intervention. Secrecy goes hand in hand with the original sin, is a cover for wrongdoing, shame and fear. An agent of God does not dwell in the dark, but in truth and light, does not elevate himself above anyone to claim life and death rights over his fellow human beings. He knows we share in the same divinity, we are all images of God and therefore equal and all need to be considered.

As for those who want to take the lead Jesus was clear: “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all”. I dare the Church to follow the example of Jesus, in truth, love, service and self-sacrifice, act not out of fear of losing its power and privileges but out of love and in the interest of all human beings, admit its mistakes, repent and seek forgiveness as no human being is without sin or error, break the vow of secrecy and let all humankind know what is wrong with the world and what has been hidden for too long trusting in each and everyone’s ability to process information and make good choices.

For as I see so many things disturbing and dysfunctional in the world, I also see a new reality, a third parallel universe emerging with its potential for growth and change. In a world that has been steadily losing its moral compass I see more people awakening, listening to the God inside of them as the ultimate authority and taking responsibility for their own lives. I see people in the military and intelligence community bringing secrets out into the open, rejecting the old ways of wars and deceit, leaving or trying to affect change inside their institutions. And I see other organizations attempting to heal from the inside as well. The era of secrecy is coming to an end and it is the Church’s golden opportunity to lead the way.

Let all church bells ring at once to bring people together! And let the Church lead the universal prayer for a new era, one of truth, healing, brotherhood and peace.

With the most profound respect, one of God’s most humble servant,

Cristina Sirca

Rome, May 27, 2016
Social media: Diaspora Romana Unita Americana si Canadiana

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Doreen Ann Agostino
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