End Times Or A New BEGINNING? Dr Burzynski Trial Update

We are all in this together.

Our voices are loudest when counted ‘together’.

United we stand, divided we fall.

How much longer will we ‘allow’ inhumane acts on populations to continue, when we can willingly put aside our differences for a unified purpose, which is survival, and take wise action now to stop the madness and set ourselves free? Doreen

Texas Medical Board Wages War Against Humanity On Behalf Of Big Pharm- Dr Burzynski Trial Update

May 24, 2016
Truth and Art TV article
Contributed by Bernie Suarez

Dr Burzynski trial

A Texas based physician, doctor Stanislaw Burzynski is on trial and everyone should know what this is about. The Texas Medical Board is attempting to revoke his medical license for his crime of curing his patients of cancer by treating them with a therapy called anti-neoplaston therapy. His crime is that anti-neoplaston is not considered “standard of care”. Sounds crazy? It is crazy, but unfortunately this is the psychotic mindset behind today’s cancer-industrial money making complex.

When interviewing with cancer survivor, activist and film maker Ty Bollinger Dr Burzynski states:

We proved that in a certain area which is the most difficult area of oncology which is the treatment of incurable brain tumors we can have very good responses in various types of tumors and we can increase survival of the patient remarkably.

This anti-neoplaston therapy has been so successful that the big pharmaceutical companies who profit from cancer are clearly threatened financially. And unfortunately for doctor Burzynski, the dark reality is that profits is the primary and only goal of the large pharmaceutical companies and they are not interested in people being cured from cancer at all. Like many other doctors who have been harassed and even murdered for becoming a threat to the large pharmaceutical companies and their medical-industrial-profiteering machine, doctor Burzynski has also endured decades of outright harassment and tribulations at the hand of the cancer-industrial complex which is funded by the large pharmaceutical companies and carried out by the state and its medical “authorities”.

The documentary titled ‘Burzynski Documentary: Cancer is Serious Business’ reveals the harassment Dr Burzynski has endured over the past several decades. The degree to which the system has tried to destroy Dr Burzynski and the level of their persistence may shock you.

When asked what will happen if the State Medical Board has its way Dr Burzynski responded:

The board would like to prevent me from practicing medicine, and then many people will die. All of our patients who are terminal cancer patients, are expected to die. The progress in providing a cure for cancer will be delayed many many years… because we can cure some of the worse types of cancers today… And if the board will have its way, which is completely unscientific, uneducated way of dealing with people then everything will be delayed for many, many years and thousands of people, many thousands of people will die needlessly because of the Board’s decision.

And as Dr Burzynski’s trial which began November 2015 continues we should all be engaged and interested in the end result of this trial since this trial is very symbolic of our own medical freedoms. Frankly, this entire trial is an attack on humanity as those that profit from cancer seek to keep humanity in the dark about cures that could set humanity free from the concept of cancer.

There is a way that everyone who cares about this trial can be involved. You can contact Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick by going here and following the instructions or by simply calling (512) 463-5342. This line is set up by Patrick for people to call and leave messages for him. You can also be involved by signing this petition on Change.org requesting that the Texas Medical Board stop this harassment of Dr Burzynski.

If you agree please share this message.

Bernie Suarez Creator of Truth and Art TV Project is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology.

By Erin Elizabeth May 20.16

Fox News Radio Host Fired From Her Own Show Day Before She Was Having Me on As Live Guest on Doctor Deaths


From Doreen
Minutes before posting this Blog two school students rang my doorbell asking if I would donate to cancer research. In a calm voice I asked them, ‘Why would I donate to cancer research when there is already a cure, and the cure is deliberately withheld because it is more profitable to withhold it than disclose it?” I mentioned recent deaths of holistic doctors, thanked them for caring, and suggested they do their own research .

Doreen Ann Agostino
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