Everyone! Is Invited To Board The Ark.

Everyone has freewill to understand the rare timeline Earth is passing through, what likely lies ahead [The MOEDIM], and what is required to smooth transition out of darkness.

By CosmicConvergence

2016: The Final Biblical Jubilee Marks The End Of The Era

As a matter of prophetic knowledge, the Biblical Shemitah Jubilee is now operating at full throttle until October 2, 2016.  Major world events are now occurring at a meteoric pace, which are setting up the global geopolitical chessboard for the final moves of this epoch. READ more at http://cosmicconvergence.org/?p=14660

Because the MOEDIM itself always dictates the exact timing of the most critical happenings of the End-times, they are immovable.  The predicted worldwide events have been established by the Almighty as divine signposts in the highest Heaven and on Earth and cannot be moved by anyone. Hence, all that’s required to apprehend their true import and timing is a humble heart and truth-seeking mind.

And if it is truly as it was in the days of Noah that is something we should be considering. Noah knew, he knew a day, he might have even known an exact hour, and so he was on the ark and he was waiting with his family for destruction to come and his vessel, his ark, to be lifted off the Earth.

MOEDIM video transcript and more at http://cosmicconvergence.org/?p=14723

From Doreen
Present reality is a print out of past choices. Choices in the present create the future. The more informed we are, the more heart centered our choices, the more of us who make peace with our Creator and one another, the greater our potential for deliverance.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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About Doreen Agostino

Resolution Guide, Author, Radio Host, Emissary of Greater Well-being, Freedom, and Natural Law; do no harm and do not allow others to harm.
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2 Responses to Everyone! Is Invited To Board The Ark.

  1. Not surprising that comments are disabled for the video. Those who say that they are Jews did 9-11. And, we live in a matrix of deception created by Jewish-dominated mass media and Jewish-controlled Hollywood. The masterful deceptions extend to include a hypnotic-like preparation for acceptance of (alleged) inevitable end times–likely scripted and carried out by those who claim to be Jews. John 8:44

    For contemporary Christians, giving up and giving in is ‘graduation’–the transition upon death into a promised (alleged) eternal life in heaven. So, the contemporary Christians don’t lift a finger to stop the madness of 9-11, Federal Reserve, chemtrails, war crimes and other atrocities inflicted upon the human journey. Contemporary Christians are disabled by the matrix–including this cryptic and (alleged) prophetic piece that has a ring of hypnosis and a risk of eternal damnation and pain for those who question the alleged Word of God. Don’t rain on their graduation parade.

    Again, not surprising that the COMMENTS are disabled for the video. Wouldn’t want to awaken the sheep to their free will possibilities should they ever imagine heaven on earth through confronting and exposing those who are of the synagogue of satan.

    WWJD? Turn over the Federal (not) Reserve (none) money tables and expose who really did 9-11. It wasn’t muslims, and the clash of civilizations is part of the big bamboozle … an epic fraud.

    “I waited for you, Jesus.” How far into heaven will that get you?


    • Thank you Rediscover911 for your perspective.

      I believe a single Conscious Power permeates, penetrates and fills all creation. This Power, called many names including God is in charge.

      Humans were given freewill to choose, which comes with consequences. Belief in separation between Creator/creation, human/human, human/other kingdoms is a choice, and root cause of all suffering. When humans self realize the same Power, which creates universes, galaxies and stars is within us, and take responsibility for our choices, outer reality responds in kind. Anyone can prove this to themselves.

      The Role of Evil http://annavonreitz.com/roleofevil.pdf

      If it is revealed that the lost Ark of the Covenant is found during end times, with the original Five Books of The Torah, and The Stone Tablets on which The Ten Commandments were written and given to Moses at Horeb in Sinai for all Israel*, humanity will have no choice but to awaken and this changes everything.

      *There are different interpretations of the word Israel/Israelite including ‘champion of God’ or ‘those who do God’s will’. It does not refer to the Israeli nation of today or Jewish people it refers to all “children of God.”


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